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The best professional products for your hairdresser

When it comes to working with the professional sector, we are certain of our goals and values : excellent quality and results in terms of both product and service. As manufacturers of hairdressing products, we are experts in developing and manufacturing a huge range of products, regardless of their category. However, one thing is for certain: we always guarantee quality cosmetics that include a thorough selection of the best raw materials, adapted to fit the exact needs of the client. For hairdressing professionals who want to build loyalty, start their own brand or become leading distributors for other hairdressers, we offer the ideal solution for turning ideas into feasible products that are ready to sell and succeed.

Personalized products for hairdressing and beauty salons

We manufacture products for hairdressers specialized in coloring and treatments. Whether the project is focused on a product category (color toners or straighteners, for example) or complete ranges to be sold (repairing ranges made up of shampoo, conditioner, masks, scalp serum, etc.) we offer clients the chance to manufacture high-end cosmetics that feature the optimal active ingredients, and eliminate the unnecessary ones that can be aggressive to hair and skin.

We understand that as a professional hairdresser, you are in direct contact with potential clients and, therefore, you know your clients’ needs better than anybody. For this reason, we encourage our clients to fully explain their project and goals to us, in order to work as a team with the laboratory and add the technical specifications to the client’s idea. By doing this, we manufacture the best hair products for the professional sector.
The variety of items that you will find in our catalog is the result of experience in the manufacture of hair care products. Since 1925 we have fully covered and satisfied the manufacturing and distribution needs of haidressers by offering a huge range of hair products: dyes, moisturizing treatments, shampoos, masks, conditioners, finishing or styling items, foams and other hygiene and hair care products. Our products are not tested on animals and are made using environmentally friendly methods.

Our products

We offer this label customization option with the hairdresser’s logo for professional products.
We know that making a high initial investment is very difficult for hairdressing and beauty salons without large stock warehouses. That is why we offer this label customization option with the hairdresser’s logo for professional products that have already been created and tested. Visit our Professional Hairdressing page to learn more about this project. It is a highly effective way of retaining customers and increasing income through the sale of exclusive products that they will only find in your salon or on the website.

We manufacture customized products
If your business objective is to start a professional hairdressing and beauty products brand from scratch, at CarasaLab we are ready to guide you through the entire process of development, manufacturing and distribution of the hair products to comprise your own line. After establishing the project and its features, we will send you samples of your hair products, formulated and developed by our laboratory, and you’ll have the chance to test them until they meet your expectations. After this, we’ll provide the final product. After completing the packaging and regulation process (paperwork and cosmetic tests for safe sale in compliance with European regulations) you will receive your personalized cosmetic, complete with unique ingredients, perfume, texture and packaging.

Applying custom coloring
Among our competitive advantages over other brands, we are equipped with the facilities to produce private label dyes for third parties in our own facilities in Oiartzun (Spain).When it comes to hair coloring, the options for creativity are endless; Pigments offer us the chance to develop colors with infinite tones, undertones, and shades in order to create unlimited color versions. The types of dye are also very varied and depending on the way each cosmetic interacts with the hair, we develop permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent dyes, which can be directly applied (pigments without oxidation) to eyebrows and eyelashes, beards, etc. The texture of our products is also customizable, and we develop cream, liquid or oil dyes. Our dye manufacturing capacity is 7,400 kg per day, and we can fill 32,000 tubes per day.

Minimum manufacturing quantities


Permanent/semi-permanent cream hair coloring cream, liquid coloring, eyebrow coloring…



Hair products

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair serums…

from 100L
up to 1000L

from 5ml
up to 10L

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