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We boast our
own cosmetics laboratory

We feature an advanced cosmetics laboratory, which means we can research, formulate and create unique hair coloring and facial, body and hair care products.
Our flexibility and the close relationship we enjoy with our customers means we can experiment and explore a huge range of different formulas and textures before customizing them to each client’s tastes and needs. We put authentic care into our own cosmetic products and the ones we develop for our clients. Our goal is to see brands grow and evolve, while maintaining their spirit of originality and innovation.
We are passionate about quality, and we base our purchases and production processes around that key value. Ensuring repeat purchases depends to a huge extent on quality, and we ensure that our products live up to the best standards.

Third-Party Cosmetics laboratory

Are you looking for personalized and unique cosmetics?

Do you want to create your brand
using our formulas?

Do you want us to manufacture
your own formulas?

OEM Manufacturing: Personalized and unique cosmetic products laboratory

In our cosmetics products laboratory, we specialize in developing unique formulas and completely customized packaging.

The only limits are your imagination and creativity! We can help in every step of the project: research, development, samples, prototypes, packaging, decoration/packaging designs, final production and filling. We can even help ship the finished product anywhere in the world.

This service is ideal for our clients who have a good idea of what they want to create, but don’t know how to start. Our cosmetic research laboratory is your ally. Whether you are looking for mass-market cosmetic laboratories or professional cosmetic laboratories, we can help you.

Private labels: Manufacturing of
client’s own brands

We also offer the option to choose from “ready to use”/”ready to sell” products, personalize them and put your brand name on them.

Private labels offer less room for personalization than OEM or contract production, but the initial costs are much lower, since R&D is not required. Our clients can select between different types of packages, different design options and different formulas. As a matter of fact, these formulations have been previously developed by us and tested on the market, providing you an excellent guarantee of their effectiveness and functionality.

With so many formulas in our catalog, you’ll be able to choose the perfect range for your cosmetic brand!

This is the ideal choice for the start-up product line. With a minimal investment, anyone can start their own line of products.

Contract Manufacturing:
Contract manufacturing laboratory for cosmetic products

If you already have your own product formulas, but feel you don’t have the experience or the ability to manufacture or fill them, our cosmetics laboratory is here to help you in the process of manufacturing the product to your exact specifications under strict confidentiality standards. We ensure these standards through the use of agreements and NDAs. Even if the product has been manufactured elsewhere, we can fill it and transform it into a finished ready for sale product. We are ready to become your partner laboratory for cosmetic creams, to name just one example.

Bulk cosmetics lab: Finished products

We are Spanish cosmetics manufacturers with 90 years’ experience in the formulation and manufacturing of third-party brand products for hair and skin care. We are proud to be a leading cosmetic formulation and development lab, offering the option of distributing custom cosmetics in countries across the entire world. We work closely with our clients to offer the best finished products, while providing each and every one of them the care and attention they deserve.

Thanks to our flexibility and versatility, we can work on all the stages of our clients’ projects: from the establishment and formulation of the range of products through to the manufacturing and packaging of the final product. Additionally, we can also supply wholesale bulk cosmetics, which means we can manufacture cosmetic products for other producers in the sector.


Product: Permanent/semi-permanent cream hair color, liquid hair color, color for the eyebrows, etc.



Hair Products

Shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair serums, etc.

from 100L
to 1000L

from 5ml
to 10L

Face and Body Creams

from 50L
to 1000L

from 5ml
to 10L

Step by step.
We help you throughout the process!

Each Project begins by establishing a plan which then serves as a guide throughout the development process, and makes decision-making easier at each stage. When developing a line of cosmetic products, the formula, packaging, brand, marketing and distribution all need to be defined… This means that a plan is essential before product development begins.

Steps of product development which we can guide you on:

We develop new formulations at our clients’ request

1. Creation of product ranges and formulations:

OEM: Our cosmetics lab boasts a team of people with expert knowledge perfect for developing new formulations at our clients’ request (“personalized formulas”). We consider ourselves to be daring and we like to experiment with new colors, textures, smells and ingredients. We can develop all types of hair, facial and body products.

PRIVATE LABELS: We also offer a wide variety of formulas already developed and tested by users, meaning we can offer smaller quantities for manufacturing for the client’s brand.

Before final approval of the formulations we’ve created, we make product samples and send them to the client.

2. Shipments of product samples:

OEM: In the case of the development of “personalized formulas”, we look carefully at each client’s requirements and offer a formulation plan that fits each project. Before final approval of the formulations we’ve created, we make product samples and send them to the client.

PRIVATE LABELS: In projects based on formulas in our portfolio, we send product samples to the client for testing and approval.

We use our wide knowledge to designate and create product packaging.

3. Design and selection of packaging / containers:

OEM: We use our wide knowledge to designate and create product packaging. We give clients access to our own design department, which provides two key types of support: advice and/or creation.

PRIVATE LABELS: We also provide a wide variety of generic containers, which we have in stock at our facilities. These help streamline manufacturing processes and allow us to offer smaller manufacturing quantities using the client’s own brand.

Purchase and storage of customized parts

4. Purchase Process and storage of customized packaging:

All personalized packaging parts are the property of each client and shall be stored in our facilities, allowing us to provide a quick response in terms of manufacturing.

We offer both options: the supply of the material by the client and subsequent storage in our facilities or the complete management of the purchase process from our usual suppliers under the instructions of the client and subsequent storage in our facilities.

We manufacture and package products requested by our clients in our cosmetics factory

5. Manufacturing and packaging process:

We manufacture and package products requested by our clients in our cosmetics factory, in compliance with the regulations on Best Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic products implemented at a European level. Additionally, we ensure they are always based on the highest standards.

Our facilities and machinery allow us to manufacture and package from the most liquid to the most viscous products, in capacities from 5 ml to 5 liters.

We are highly demanding and meticulous

6. Quality Control Processes:

We are highly demanding and meticulous. Our Quality Control Department ensures the correct manufacturing process for each stage, meaning we can guarantee a high-quality end product.
The control process we carry out is divided into the following stages:

  1. Control of raw materials received
  2. Control of packaging received.
  3. On-site control of production, filling and packaging
  4. Control of finished products
  5. Control of stability, compatibility and functionality tests
All cosmetic products must comply with regulations

7. Support in compliance with Regulations and Security Assessment:

All cosmetic products must comply with regulations, laws and legislation both nationally in the country of origin and internationally, in the case of the country of final distribution.
We comply with national/European legislation and help support its compliance in products’ destinations. To do this, we carry out the following actions:

  1. Development of new raw materials and their validation of use in cosmetic products.
  2. Verification of the ingredients and texts included in the labels of all cosmetic products.
  3. Drafting of the complete dossier, with all the technical and toxicological data.
  4. Establishment of direct relationships with national authorities to verify permits and requests for sale and production of products.
We help you throughout the process!

8. Auxiliary Services

Our vast experience in the distribution of cosmetics at an international level has provided us with the necessary knowledge to effectively management merchandise shipping. We have mastered all aspects of transporting our products by land, sea, and air. We study the different alternatives and compare prices, manage all dispatch documentation and documentation in the event of incidents, and seek the best possible solution for our clients.

Want to work with us on your project?

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Carasa Lab FAQs

In the traditional sense, the concept of a  private label means selecting a product with a stock formula, in stock packaging, and simply adding the customer’s logo/brand and contact information thereto. The exact same product is offered to anyone who wants it; thus, extremely low minimum quantities are possible.

We make hair dyes in liquid and cream formats. Permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi-permanent color, odorless color, PPD-free color, etc. Hair color is our specialty! We provide a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can also request a new color and we’ll make it happen!

 we can elaborate products whose composition comes from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Check out our Natural Cosmetic Lab page!

Absolutely! Most of our clients don’t have a formula to get started with, but we can still help. We have many formulas to help you get your project off the ground, and we can even create a unique one just for you. You can bring us an idea, a product you like, or just a list of ingredients and that’s enough for us to get started.

This really depends on many factors. It could be just a few weeks or several months. It depends on if you want to start with a pre-developed formula or if we are developing a formula from an original idea. It also depends on where you are at in the project: brand identity, the creation of a company, a website, distribution, and many other aspects which are not necessarily related to the product but also affect the project’s timeline.

That varies depending on the product and the amount of research and development that is required, but it is much more affordable than most people think.

As long as the packaging is compatible with our machines and our manufacturing process, you can choose anything you want. We have many different packaging options in stock and can secure custom packaging for you, or you can purchase your own packaging and have it shipped to us.

Absolutely! Be sure to send us a sample before purchasing them to verify compatibility, although the labels and packaging you purchase will most likely be compatible with our equipment.

Each product has a different list of ingredients. We also have similar products with different ingredients to suit different budgets. In addition, we can add ingredients to help you promote your product or even remove ingredients to make sure you can make the “free of
” claims you want.

Yes. We don’t need to use those things in your product. There are many other alternatives, including natural and non-toxic ingredients.

We can take care of all your product testing needs, from stability tests to clinical trials. Each product goes through a strict series of quality control tests and our collaboration with other laboratories makes it easy for us to carry out any additional tests that may be necessary and/or desired.

We guarantee that any product we manufacture will always comply with the specifications of the sample that has been approved. We guarantee that all of our products will comply with all labels and legal claims. We always stand behind every product that leaves our facilities.

We take care of the packaging. All you have to do is choose the type of packaging components you wish to use.

Yes. We have an internal design department that will work with you. You can send us your image ideas and our experts will be able to pitch different designs to you.

For initial product launch once the product range is approved, delivery will take place approximately 45 days after confirming the initial order (shipping not included).

For subsequent orders, and as long as we have the components in stock in our warehouse, the approximate delivery time is around 3 weeks (shipping not included).

Yes. There is no problem with exporting the products we make. We can help you to obtain the documents that you will need to properly register the products with the local health authorities.