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The best products for the Keratin smoothing treatment

We use an ingredient for thermal hair realignment based on acid amides derived from keratin amino acids associated with bioactive cysteine. This means that after applying the smoothing treatment and exposure to heat, the cysteine bonds interconnect. A disulfide bridge is made up of two cysteine amino acids (the most abundant in Keratin) and the way in which they join each other establishes the straight or curly shape of the hair. It is in this framework where our anti-frizz and straightening products act.
Among the hair straightening products, ours is an organic treatment with biomimetic active ingredients that result in smooth, frizz-free hair with a lot of shine.

Manufacturers & Wholesalers of Keratin smoothing products

We are passionate about investigating all things related to hair in our lab. We started with a general objective, to create the best anti-frizz products, but the real work is to delve into each of the layers of the hair fiber (cuticle, medulla, cortex, fibril and protofibril) to create truly effective and long-lasting products. We boast several anti-frizz treatment options that work in different ways, depending on the duration and intensity of the treatment.

The Keratin by CarasaLab smoothing treatment consists of 3 products:

Manufacturers & Wholesalers of Keratin smoothing products

Keratin smoothing shampoo

Shampoo with a pH that prepares the hair to receive the active ingredient and helps its penetration. This shampoo cleans the residues of other products that can create a film on the hair fiber. How to use: wash the hair with the pH preparer shampoo 2 times, and wait 10 minutes before rinsing the second lather. Rinse very well and do not use any type of conditioner. Dry the hair with the help of a brush and a dryer.

Keratin smoothing treatment cream

Formula developed to prevent frizz and increase softness and shine by nourishing the hair. It acts on the disulfide bonds to create a permanent anti-frizz and straightening modification. We have 2 options: white cream (for natural hair) and violet cream (for dyed or bleached hair). How to use: Once the hair is dry, apply the product evenly strand by strand with the help of a brush, leaving a distance of 1 cm and avoiding touching the scalp. Leave the product to work for 30 min.

Keratin anti-frizz mask

Mask that acts at a molecular level thanks to maleic acid and other moisturizing and repairing active ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin and silk protein. It is the last step of the treatment before using your straightening tongs.. How to use: after 10 minutes of action, rinse the mask off. Dry the hair again with a brush and a dryer, stretching the hair and smoothing it using an iron at 230 degrees, taking very fine locks and passing each lock through the iron 15 times

Hair smoothing products before and after

Some of the results of our treatment

The result of our keratin straightening products.
The result of our keratin straightening products.
The result of our keratin straightening products

How long does keratin smoothing last?

Our star smoother maintains its effect for 6 months on Caucasian hair.

The different temporary versions of treatment depend on the rupture of the type of bond and the remodeling that is carried out of the structure of the hair Keratin. This factor determines if it will be a temporary or permanent treatment. In the case of hydrogen bridge bonds, the treatment will be temporary, since the bonds that are broken are very weak, and they are then repaired when put into contact with water; This is what happens when we shape the hair with products that include Keratin as an ingredient (Keratin shampoo for example) and then shape it with the iron or dryer (once the hair is wet, the treatment ends its activity and the hair returns to the original form).

However, when the bond is broken in the form of disulfide keratin bonds, a permanent restructuring of the hair takes place. Salt bonds or hydrogen-hydrogen bonds are not strong enough to create a long-lasting change, which is the goal of these permanent straightening products.

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Experts in the manufacture of keratin straightening products

Experts in the manufacture of keratin straightening products

To the smoothing and anti-frizz active ingredient that acts on keratin, we add various active ingredients that help to achieve hydrated, shiny hair and compensate for possible damage that is generated in the hair structure. Although on a visual level we work so that the result is optimal, we also care about restoring and caring for the hair from the inside-out. That is why we add other natural products to straighten hair to our straightener: Macadamia and grape seed oil, Shea and Murumuru butter, maleic acid, bio-assimilable vitamin E and Keratin Hydrolyzate.

Hair straightening products are formalin-free: our hair straightening products will never contain formaldehyde (formaldehyde, formaldehyde, formaldehyde, formalin, methanaldehyde, oxomethane). Its use in smoothing products is prohibited by law in Europe and its harmful effect on health has been demonstrated.