Cosmetics manufacturers:
Private label and own-brand cosmetics

Discover our
cosmetics laboratory

We manufacture our own products, we distribute them and we also make products for others’ private labels. We have our own laboratory and an R&D Department with top-notch production standards.

Our cosmetics laboratory has modern equipment and a professional and highly specialized human team. This guarantees that the quality of our products is unbeatable, without forgetting about our respect for the environment.

Especialistas en cosméticos a terceros

Experts in private
label cosmetics

At CarasaLab, we specialize in private label cosmetics. We work with manufacturers, distributors, and professionals in the sector who want to launch new products to the market with innovative benefits, whether they be for the skin or for the hair.

We adapt to the needs of our customers by offering the required quality/price combination: from the most basic products to more sophisticated ones featuring some of the most innovative ingredients on the market.

We manufacture natural
and organic cosmetics

We work with suppliers of organic raw materials of utmost quality, as they are influential brands with a far-reaching impact worldwide. This allows us to develop cosmetic formulas that are in perfect harmony with nature and, therefore, that have greater benefits in their application.

Our products are made under high European quality standards. In addition, we watch out for the health of your customers and of the planet because we work with sustainable packaging manufacturers. We guarantee that you will sell and apply products created with natural, quality ingredients in mind.

Elaboramos, fabricamos y distibuimos tintes capilares de alta calidad

We are experts in
professional dyes

Hair dye it is our flagship product. At CarasaLab, we are ‚Äďand always have been‚Äď pioneers in color development both nationally and internationally. Since our inception in 1930, our laboratory has worked to achieve the perfect combination of ingredients and manufacturing processes.

We manufacture and distribute quality hair dyes that provide softness, durability, care, and coverage to the hair.

4th generation of committed individuals

More than 90 years in the cosmetics market

Manufacturing for more than 60 brands

Exporting to more than 30 countries

1,000 formulas developed in our laboratory

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Something very personal

Ask yourself a question: Have you ever given someone cosmetics as a gift? If you answer with something like “that’s too personal,” we as experts have the same opinion. Your hair, your skin, and your face are unique ‚Äď and we believe that their strength lies there: in their authenticity, in being different. Therefore, our products are not just formulas, ingredients, and packaging. They are personal products: products designed for the people who are going to use them. Because we like to treat cosmetics for what they are: something very personal.

Our brands

Manzanilla Oro
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