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In hair care, hair color remains a star product in beauty salons.

As a hair dye company, we work at each stage of the supply chain (professional and non-professional products): starting with product manufacture, acting as a wholesaler, supplier of dyes and ending the chain with the sale to the final consumer. During this process, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards in hairdressing products for salons and the mass market and this is our main goal in the wholesale of hair dyes.

Carasalab distributes dyes using its own formulation, ideal both for companies in the professional sector such as hairdressers or beauty salons, as well as for mass market end-customer use. Thanks to our extensive experience, we manufacture dyes to offer high-quality products, including the option of personalized dyes, meaning you can choose the colors, natural extracts or perfumes, among other ingredients.
As wholesalers, we work with expertise in the second stage of the supply chain by supplying hair dyes to our distributors, both with our own brands and with third-party brands. We do this nationally and in countries around the world. Our own dye laboratory means we can adapt our products to all distribution needs and offer our services as a trusted hair dye supplier.

Our dyes

PERMANENT. Oxidative with ammonia

PERMANENT. Oxidative with ammonia

In cream / Liquids / Oil. Lightening power of up to 5 shades, 100% cover of gray hair

Temporary. Oxidative free from ammonia

TEMPORARY. Oxidative free from ammonia.

In cream / Liquid / Oil. Lightening power of up to 5 shades, 100% gray coverage

Oxidation without ammonia

TONE ON TONE. Oxidation without ammonia.

In cream / Liquids / Oil. No rinsing power, 90% coverage

Toners - In cream / Liquids / Oil


In cream / Liquids / Oil

Direct coloring. Semi-permanent without oxidation.

DIRECT coloring. Semi-permanent without oxidation.

Mask / Liquid. pigmentation

Dripper dyes semi-permanent without oxidation.

DRIPPER dyes. Semi-permanent without oxidation.

Liquid to mix with conditioners.

Eyebrow and eyelash tints. Demi-permanent without ammonia.

Eyebrow and eyelash tints. Demi-permanent without ammonia.

In cream

Beard dye. Demi-permanent, without ammonia.

Beard dye. Demi-permanent, without ammonia.

In cream

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We distribute hairdressing products

We are experts in hairdressing products

Hair dyes are the star product of hairdressing salons! At Carasalab, in addition to being specialists in hair dyes, we also manufacture the full range of hairdressing products of the highest quality: from shampoos for professional use to innovative and long-lasting straightening products. Since our beginnings, we have been oriented towards the professional sector, which is why our demands for effectiveness and quality are among the highest on the market.

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