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Private label and third-party cosmetics manufacturers

Our track record together with innovation and specialization in the cosmetic sector makes us the perfect ally for your business goal: to create your own brand of private label cosmetics. We develop cosmetic products tailored to your needs, always taking into account three distinct elements: the needs of the brand, the target audience and the business/cost ratio of the cosmetic product in your target market. As manufacturers for third parties, including third party cosmetics white label, we do not limit ourselves in production, we offer technical advice for each of the steps and you will have our support at all times.
We adapt our processes as manufacturers taking into account in a transversal way: if the cosmetic is for national or international sale, the sales channel (physical store and/or online, distribution…), if the destination is the professional sector or mass media and for of course the type of product (if it is for skin or hair and its characteristics).

Our manufacturing strategy focuses on product differentiation. We create cosmetic products for brands with a corporate identity, while ensuring we always offer a quality third party cosmetics private label. All the formulations that are part of our catalog are customizable in terms of ingredients, perfumes, packaging/packaging, and any other aspect of the cosmetic. The range of products that come out of our laboratory is hugelydiverse: natural products, synthetics, fragrance-free formulations, with organic ingredients… with all the characteristics that the line of cosmetics defined by the client needs.
In the process and development of a cosmetic brand , we offer support at all of the distinct phases. As manufacturers and suppliers of skin care, body care and hair cosmetics products, we focus on quality as a determining and differentiating factor over the competition. We apply the same principle also for the last step in the creation of private label cosmetics, distribution. We take care that the cosmetic arrives in perfect condition where you need it.

Cosmetic products for your own brand

Productos de peluquerĂ­a de alta calidad para el pelo de las mujeres
As a professional in the sector, we are certain that, among other business objectives, you have thought about creating your own brand of professional products. The benefits are clear: the line of cosmetics goes directly from our factory to your salon, without intermediaries or additional costs. And we fully respect the identity of your business, adapting ourselves as manufacturers to your requirements and needs with your brand image, and not the other way around. We create all kinds of hair products: dyes, moisturizing treatments, straighteners, finishing products… endless options to incorporate into your professional cosmetics brand. At CarasaLab we have two options in this process that will depend on investment capacity/risk: Create your brand of professional products from scratch or identify the products available in our catalog with your logo on the labeling process.

Fabricantes de cosmética capilar de marca privada
We develop, manufacture and supply all kinds of cosmetics for hair care. Both generic: moisturizing, anti-dandruff, repairing, natural, detox shampoos, conditioners and masks, with multivitamins and other active ingredients, as well as specific, for the Curly Method, Keratin Straighteners, Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Treatments, Hair Loss Treatments

Fabricantes de tintes de marca privada
In our sector, dyes are one of the most involved cosmetics to manufacture due to their specific ingredient and manufacturing features. Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over all these years, we can create all kinds of dyes: cream, oil, liquid, with oxidation pigments, direct coloring, dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes, for beards… endless options adaptable to a huge color palette.

Fabricantes de cosméticos y skincare de marca privada
One of the key objectives of the skincare laboratory is to create innovative and effective formulas with quality ingredients. The skincare market is fast, new brands with products for skin care emerge every day, but only those that manage to set themselves apart from the competition manage to survive. We manufacture personalized facial cosmetics and body cosmetics for your brand.

When we manufacture natural cosmetic brands, we begin the process in the laboratory and the selection of raw materials. With the option of selecting only those that meet the client’s requirements: certified, vegan, with a minimum percentage of naturalness… and eliminating unwanted ingredients: parabens, silicones, mineral oils, comedogenic agents, ammonia…

First steps to create your cosmetics brand

CarasaLab FAQs
Thanks to our facilities we offer maximum flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients. You can check the minimum units on each of the manufacturing pages. In any case, we will analyze each case and needs in detail in order to offer viable options that are favorable to all parties involved.
Fill out the form on this website and we will contact you so that you can tell us about your project and assess the best way to collaborate. We like to fully get to know our clients, their businesses and their intended projects. After filling in the form, we will contact you as soon as possible to introduce ourselves and request an online meeting or a chat via the communication channel you prefer.

Check out the previous question. We follow the same initial procedure for all types of products, and then we define the specific procedure for the cosmetic. We will explain all the steps that we’ll guide you through to create your cosmetic brand.

We like to define ourselves as a company that makes custom products to measure. We adapt to the requirements of our clients down to the smallest details so that quality is the leading factor in our product and service, with the aim of maintaining it over time and advancing collaboration in B2B opportunities.

Shall we work together?

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