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The best formulation for hairdressing products

The CarasaLab laboratory has been working since 1925 in the development of cosmetic formulations for hair care and coloring. This research work continues today in the R&D department, with no plans to stop this constant progress, as we continually update our formulas, incorporate innovative ingredients and techniques, improve their performance and adapt to current market trends. Quality is the core pillar we follow for the development of professional hairdressing products. We prioritize quality in the selection and use of active ingredients, raw materials and the packaging and production process, in order to ensure that our clients enjoy the highest quality professional cosmetic products.

Huge range of professional products

Our laboratory’s expert team works to offer multiple formulation options to develop all the hair products that a professional could ever need: dyes, toners, bleaching powders, oxygenated creams, shampoos, masks, conditioners, keratin and botox straightening treatments, hair and skin (scalp) serum, finishing and fixing products and a host of articles of the highest quality. With our third-party manufacturing service, meaning the client chooses every part of the process, from the development phase in the laboratory, the ingredients used in the product and all of the marketing elements.

Laboratory of specific products for the needs of beauty salons.

Professional hair care line

We also offer a varied portfolio of professional cosmetic products ready to be tested. Additionally, we boast an R&D team dedicated to studying the specific needs of the client, and creating personalized formulas, ingredients, technology and innovation necessary for all the elements of product development needed to create a client’s brand. The production and manufacturing of personalized professional products are carried out in detail, looking after both the environment and all the client’s needs. The client is in charge of approving in each step of the process, in order to ensure their needs are met.
We have two options to create third-part hairdressing brands: Product customization and label customization.

The use of specific products for all kinds of needs is essential in hairdressing salons.

Professional treatments for salon use

The use of specific products for all kinds of needs is essential in hairdressing salons. The success of professional treatments depends on the formula, the technique and also the compatibility of the treatment on the type of hair being treated. Bearing this in mind, among the distribution options for hairdressing products, we include professional treatments for use in salons with long-lasting results. It is fundamental to understand the structure of hair and the results different cosmetics have when applied to it in order to achieve the best results.

Example of product testing in our lab

Professional products in compliance with legal and quality regulations

All cosmetics developed and manufactured at CarasaLab comply with European regulations that ensure the safe and legal sale of cosmetics. In addition to the Made in Spain quality seal, all products must pass the mandatory safety tests provided for under the European framework:

  • Challenge test: the preservatives used in the shampoo or cosmetic are analyzed and tested to ensure that they last over time.
  • Patch Test: this test ensures that the cosmetic will not cause skin irritation on the scalp or any other part of the skin.
  • Stability Test: this test allows us to determine the theoretical lifespan of a cosmetic, by applying constant heat to the product for a period of three months.
  • Compatibility Test: This test verifies that final sale packaging is compatible with the formula and will keep all its properties in optimal conditions.

There are also a huge range of optional tests, such as effectiveness tests, that we can include depending on each client’s needs. At CarasaLab we never test on animals and we never will, no exceptions.

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