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Natural third party cosmetics manufacturers

As manufacturers of natural cosmetics for third parties, we meet the manufacturing needs of natural and ecological cosmetics of our clients. From the first manufacturing process to the last, we are committed to the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the ingredients to obtain effective, non-toxic and vegan cosmetic products for the skin and hair. We are one of the leading natural beauty product manufacturers, and we work with national suppliers of recycled and/or recyclable packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure the quality of our products, and all our products are cruelty-free; we never test, nor will we, on animals. No exceptions. We comply with European regulations and regulations as manufacturers of natural cosmetics, in which the prohibition of testing cosmetics on animals is specified. In addition to complying with European regulations, we internalize zero tolerance for animal abuse as one of the ethical bases as producer of natural cosmetics for third parties. We create natural brands and products that take care of people, the planet and animals. We also manufacture organic cosmetics, and we are proud to be one of the top organic cosmetics producers in the industry.

Organic cosmetics without parabens and silicones

We are organic cosmetic manufacturers that produce cosmetics without parabens or silicones, without paraffin or other occlusive mineral oils, among others. The needs of each client are different, which is why we pay close attention to the ingredients that you want to include in your natural product, such as vegetable extracts, ingredients of natural origin, vitamins, and active principles. We also pay close attention to those ingredients that our clients want us to eliminate from the formulation, such as sulfates, phthalates DBP, DEHP, DEP, petroleum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol (PEG, PPG), DEA, MEA, and TEA (diethanolamine, cocamide, and triethanolamine), phenoxyethanol, and resorcinol. All our natural product manufacturers are subjected to irritability and compatibility tests to avoid allergies and changes in ingredients/formulas, ensuring the effectiveness of active ingredients, plant extracts, and natural ingredients.

At CarasaLab, our sophisticated equipment at our manufacturing plant and natural cosmetics laboratory allows us to offer a wide range of natural and ecological cosmetics for manufacturing to third parties, with the flexibility that characterizes us. We manage the full R&D and manufacturing process, meaning we select natural raw materials, develop customized formulations, and manufacture the perfect end product using sustainable packaging. Total control over raw materials and the production process allows us to ensure the option of certifying our clients’ cosmetic products with seals of all kinds (Ecocert, Natrue, Vegan, Cruelty Free, CosmeBio
). We are one of the top vegan cosmetics manufacturers in the industry, and our commitment to sustainability and naturalness sets us apart from other cosmetic manufacturers.

CarasaLab produce and distributes natural and ecological cosmetics of its own formulation, ideal both for companies in the professional sector and for consumption. As manufacturers of natural cosmetics for third parties, we care about the meaning of the brands and their values, wich is why we manufacture natural cosmetics according to the Brand Identity and requirements put forward by our clients. To do this, we offer the option of customizing each formula, or choosing one from our portfolio of natural and organic cosmetics.

Our Natural Cosmetic Products

Designed for people looking for a natural and sustainable beauty for their hair.
Designed for people looking for a natural and sustainable beauty for their hair (shampoos, masks, conditioners, styling creams…). Consumption models have changed and at CarasaLab we closely observe market trends in order to offer the products that are most in demand. With our hygiene and hair treatment products, we can combine caring for the environment with beauty. With the option of certifying the ingredients or the entire product.

We Manufacture Natural Dyes
Dyes without ammonia, without PPD (paraphenylenediamine), without PTD (p-toluenediamine), without silicones, without resorcinol, and other dermatologically related components such as irritating and sensitizing ingredients. We achieve a permanent coloration, with lightening or tone-on-tone power in natural, intense colors, nuances and correctors. We replace these ingredients with others such as ethanolamine (MEA) and other more natural, less aggressive raw materials that maintain the health of the hair, but with the same result of perfect coverage. We introduce beneficial ingredients into the formulas to achieve a more natural and healthy hair dye with vegetable oils and extracts: argan oil, silk protein, jojoba oil, bamboo extract, rosemary, walnut, aloe vera, chamomile, indigo… With the option to create vegan dyes.

The union of nature and science in products to care for the skin, which fit with the personal ethics of the final consumer. Through official certificates and/or the careful selection of raw materials, we can offer a complete skincare routine adapted to the different consumer decisions on the market. Among all the traditional purchase motivation factors, it is important to include vegan, natural, ecological and organic product options to meet the expectations of the most demanding in the beauty sector. Over the last few years, body cosmetics have become even more linked to the personal ethics of the final consumer, which is why we strive to offer a wide range of body creams that respect the values and philosophy of life of all consumers. The large group of suppliers we’ve been woking with for many years means we can select high-quality natural raw materials and create body lotions for oily skin, mixed skin types and a huge range of skin types.

Vegan, natural, ecological and organic products
The health of our skin is often compromised by stressful external factors that cause the appearance of tired skin, without light and with imperfections. To avoid and compensate for this damage, it is important to maintain a constant and coherent skincare routine, and we, as manufacturers of natural cosmetics, give you the option of introducing one more concept to the routine: sustainability. We manufacture organic, natural and vegan cosmetics in all kinds of formats: creams, soaps, serums, tonics, biphasic and masks, among others. All our cosmetics, whether they are made with natural and/or synthetic ingredients, will always be manufactured under the highest quality standards.

We create your own natural cosmetics brand

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