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Our hair is like a plant: it needs care and hydration: CarasaLab is a world leader in the sale of cosmetic haircare products that adapt to the needs of companies and consumers. In addition, we are backed by decades of experience in the sector in terms of our formulation of hair products – both nationally and internationally.

We seek perfection in our haircare products: they are formulated and manufactured under the strictest European standards and regulations. We meet all market needs in terms of treatments and ingredients. Our natural and ecological ingredients are certified under very demanding European standards that have international reach.

Hair product suppliers

We are present at every link of the hair product supply chain: that means that we manufacture, act as wholesalers and distributors, and undertake sales to the consumer. We have been creating cosmetic products for private labels for more than 80 years, always offering a high degree of customization in our formulation services. We adapt to your needs according to the type of business you have.





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Hairp roduct manufacturers

Our hair product factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery available in order to offer up all kinds of haircare products. Each hair type is different, and we can give any type of hair the care it needs. Much more than just a shampoo factory: we have a very complete R&D and manufacturing process that includes everything from the development of customized formulations to the manufacture of the desired end product.

We are present at all stages of the manufacturing and sale process, from the laboratory to the final sale of the haircare product. We have positioned ourselves as a leading manufacturer of hair products on the international scene.

Hair product wholesalers

As hair product wholesalers who have a vital position in the supply chain, we provide haircare products to our distributors both through our own brands and through private labels, doing so nationally and worldwide. Hair product wholesale that is tailored for each and every individual distributor.

Hair product distributors

CarasaLab distributes hair products formulated in its own laboratories that are ideal for companies in the professional sector and for consumption. Thanks to our vast experience, we offer products of exceptional quality that can be personalized: you can choose natural extracts and scents – among other things. We are a distributor of hair products and haircare treatments that is here to help.

Hair products sales

At CarasaLab, we care about end consumers, their shopping experience, and their satisfaction. We offer personal, customer-oriented service that features the best haircare products: shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, among others. Our cosmetics factory takes pride in supplying a quality product that is environmentally sustainable.

Our hair products

Manufacturers of natural and organic hair products

Natural/Organic Care – Nature Friend

Designed for people looking for natural and sustainable beauty for their hair. Consumption models have changed, and at CarasaLab we closely observe market trends to be able to offer the products that are most in demand. With our natural hair products, we can reconcile our love of beauty with our love of the planet. There exists the option of certifying the ingredients or the entire product.

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Manufacturers of products for blond hair

Blond Hair – Fabulous Blond

A complete range of specific products designed to help maintain blond hair: shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.

Yellow and violet are opposite colors on the color wheel. Based on that theory of color, the goal of the Fabulous Blonde line is to preserve pure blond, taking care of the yellow/orange oxidation that develops in dyed blond hair.

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Manufacturers of hair repair products

Extreme Treatments – Deep Repair

High performance products with ingredients that repair the disulfide bonds of the hair fiber (PLEX), products with hyaluronic acid, keratin, plant oils, etc.  All kinds of products (shampoos, masks, serums, etc.) for all types of hair (dyed, bleached, dehydrated, etc.) in need of intense rehabilitation therapy.

Hair products for when you’re screaming SOS!

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Manufacturers of hair growth products

Multiply your Hair – Max Volume

Products with ingredients that stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp and provide volume. Strengthening the outer hair and stimulating growth from the inner follicle are key to providing body and texture. Cleaning, treatment, styling, and many more products designed for one goal: multiplying the amount of hair.

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Manufacturers of anti-dandruff treatments

Anti Dandruff Action

Champús y elixires microexfoliantes y con ingredientes antibacterianos y antifúngicos para actuar contra la caspa. Eficaces tanto en caspa grasa y caspa seca. Conscientes de que la caspa no es sólo un problema estético, nuestros productos anti caspa actúan tratando el cuero cabelludo para solucionar el problema y evitarlo a modo de tratamiento.

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Manufacturers of products for oily hair

Oily Hair – No Greasy Hair

Products developed to eliminate excess oil and balance the scalp. Deep cleaning to unclog pores without dehydrating the scalp, while also regulating excess oil.

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Manufacturers of renewing treatments

Oxygenating Treatments – DETOX

A RESET for your hair. Toxins, pollution, and synthetic products –among others– can damage hair, leaving it looking dull and unhealthy. Focused on oxygenating the scalp and hair fiber, these products deep clean to remove impurities and renew natural shine.

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Manufacturers of products for curly hair

Curly Hair – CURLY

We love curly hair, but it needs some extra care so that it always looks perfect. Dehydration, frizz, and a lack of definition are the most common problems with this type of hair. Shampoo, masks, anti-frizz oil, booster cream, etc….  The curly line has the necessary products for complete therapy for flexible curls.

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Intense scalp treatment – Pre-Poo

It is important to remember that a fundamental part of having healthy hair is having a healthy scalp. Pre-poo products are designed to treat the skin of our head and are applied before washing.  They care for and prepare the skin for the products that will be applied later.

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Are you looking for a different type of haircare product that you haven’t seen here?

Tell us your idea!  We love challenges and ideas that are out of the ordinary.

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Minimum quantities


100ml: 5.000 unit
250ml: 2.000 unit
500ml: 1.000 unit
1.000ml: 500 unit

Hair mask

250ml: 800 unit
500ml: 1600 unit
1.000ml: 400 unit


50ml: 1.000 unit
100ml: 1.000 unit


50gr: 1000 unit
100gr: 1000 unit
200gr: 1000 unit

Other cosmetics
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Specialists in dyes for professionals

Hair coloring is our specialty. We began as pioneers in the manufacture of hair dyes on the Spanish market and we have worked from 1930 onward on continuously improving our formulations, obtaining top-notch quality color with perfect coverage of gray hair and unparalleled shine.

Our range of colors is endless! We tailor the color to suit the taste of our customers.

Our variety of dyes