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Our cosmetics Brands

Manzanilla Oro
Ian Zachary

At CarasaLab, we feature our own brands of cosmetics, all of which have been expertly formulated and created for the different cosmetics sectors.

If you are looking to become a distributor of quality cosmetics that feature authentic credibility and an excellent track record, you’ve come to the right place. Take the savvy decision to start selling our cosmetics brands and we’ll treat you to all of our expert care and knowledge, just as we do with our products.

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Our range of products Manzanilla Oro

Manzanilla Oro

Show off your glowing GOLD side with our Manzanilla Oro!

Our range of Manzanilla Oro hair products includes a full routine for NON-DAMAGING hair lightening using Natural Chamomile Extract. It offers a gorgeous glow that users with those hair tones simply adore.

Its fresh, soft and floral aroma makes these products a must-have for our clients’ hair routines.
Designed to be sold to end customers, both in different stores and in pharmacies. Join the Gold revolution!
Our Brand Ian Zachary

Ian Zachary

Our professional IAN ZACHARY range consists of a selection of high-quality hairdressing products. Coloring products include: permanent and semi-permanent dyes (free from ammonia), oxygenated/activating creams, blue powder bleaching, pre-coloring protective oil and post-coloring stain remover lotion. Treatments include: shampoos and treatment masks (repairing, anti-dandruff, redensifying, violet toning for blondes), anti-hair loss ampoules, straightening treatments and wavy perms. Styling or finishing products include: leave-in conditioner, hair serum, finish spray and molding foam.

All the products in this range contain carefully selected ingredients that have seen great results with both our experts and clients since 1999.

We produce our IAN ZACHARY range at our own manufacturing facilities under strict European quality standards. This allows us to ensure that the products are made and packed to absolute perfection.

IAN ZACHARY is sold nationally and internationally and is designed with the professional cosmetics sector in mind. We would love to keep growing our family!

Our Brand Kida


Our classic formula to treat irritation. In 1952, CarasaLab found the perfect combination of ingredients for this type of relief, and KIDA’s huge success and outstanding results have made it one of our prized products.

Designed to be sold to end customers, both in different stores and in pharmacies. Healthy skin, without redness.

Albura's creams with vitamins


Our ALBURA range of creams also takes its place among our most renowned products. It features a Moisturizing cream and a Nourishing cream. The brand has been one of our clients’ favorites since 1952 and we can proudly say that entire generations have grown up using this trusted product on their skin.

Designed to be sold to end customers, both in different stores and in pharmacies. Especially suitable for mature skin thanks to its elasticity and continually hydrating effects.

Our brand, KSD

KSD home coloring

This range is designed to be sold to end customers and offers the perfect solution for home hair dying. KSD’s 17 colors are designed to offer maximum comfort and super easy application. The results are always unbeatable.

KSD’s dyes consist of natural oils (Argan and Jojoba + Bisabolol), anti-irritants and moisturizers that combine coloring and protective properties for the hair and scalp. Perfect for dying gray hair of all kinds and for those who want to change their color for the first time.

Designed to be sold to end customers, both in different stores and in pharmacies. KSD offers professional quality hair dye to use at home.

Our brand, Minerva.


Face whitening products. A firm favorite in a range of different countries. The brand began its journey in 1990 and its MINERVA facial cream became a benchmark among creams designed to lighten and unify skin tone.

Designed to be sold to end customers, both in different stores and in pharmacies.

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