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We are body care products manufacturers

The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a very important role: protection.

At CarasaLab we are specialists in manufacturing and selling body lotions and body creams products. Market research and trends help us develop skincare products of a huge range of types: body and local moisturizing creams such as hands, gels, wet application moisturizers, exfoliants… which are specially designed for all skin types: sensitive, mature, oily, dry, acne, hyperpigmented… We offer a comprehensive service to adapt to the needs of our clients and formulas can be created using our extensive product list, or if you prefer, by making a personalized product.

As body lotion and body cream manufacturers, we strive for a perfect level of quality for our skin products: they are formulated and manufactured in compliance with the strictest European standards and regulations. We meet all market needs for both treatment and ingredients.

Our factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery to offer all kinds of body cosmetics to our clients. We work using a full R&D and manufacturing process, which starts with the development of customized formulations all the way through to the manufacture of the client’s final product.

We take care of the whole manufacturing and sales process, right from our body cosmetics lab to sales. Our body creams manufacturing factory is committed to both quality and an excellent delivery experience.

As a body cream and body lotion manufacturer, we guide our customers throughout the development process. We begin by walking clients through the range of body creams that form our cosmetics line, before sending product samples for clients to test (whether they are from our portfolio or custom formulas). We tweak the samples until we are able to manufacture the perfect body cream for each of our clients’ needs.

At Carasalab we care about end clients, their purchasing experience and their ultimate satisfaction. We pride ourselves on personalized and friendly customer service, meaning we can offer the best cosmetic products, including moisturizing body and hand creams, gels, wet skin conditioners and scrubs, and a huge range of other body products.

We are a manufacturer, producer and distributor of body creams, while at the same time ensuring high-quality and environmentally friendly products.

The advantage of working with us as your chosen body lotion manufacturers is the huge choice of formulations we offer you based on a wide range of products. Alternatively, we can adapt product features to our clients’ tastes (you can choose natural extracts or perfumes, among other solutions).

Our Body Care Products

cuidado corporal después de la ducha

Vegan, natural, environmentally-friendly and organic products – Natural care

We strive to bring together nature and science in our skin care products, designed to match the high expectations our clients have when it comes to ethics. By using official certificates and/or the careful selection of raw materials, we can offer a complete skincare routine adapted to different customer requirements. As well as all the traditional purchase motivation factors, it is important to include vegan, natural, eco-friendly and organic product options to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients in the beauty industry. For a number of years now, body cosmetics have been linked to the personal ethics of the end-consumer, which is why we strive to offer a wide range of body creams that respect all of our consumers’ values and life choices.

fabricaciĂłn de jabĂłn para cuerpo ducha

Cleansing – Pure body

Shower gels and oils are commonly used products and that is why it is so important to develop formulas that look after our skin, avoid dehydration and offer a full cleansing experience. In addition to cleansing, we can offer treatments specialized for sensitive, dry skin and dull skin, among other requirements.

piel cuerpo sensible

Desert water – body

Skin hydration is essential to ensure that our body’s protective barrier is strong and flexible. Unfortunately, the weather, pollution, and the application of other cosmetics, among other factors, put the skin’s hydration balance at risk. Our range of moisturizing products in the form of emulsions in body creams and gels are as necessary and valuable as finding water in a dry desert. We specialize in manufacturing non-aggressive cosmetic creams that respect the skin’s natural microbiome.

Our range of body lotions include extracts such as Oats and Ginseng, combined with moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Calendula Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil, among others.

Example of skin with hyperpigmentation

Unify cream

Designed to promote even skin tone, hyperpigmentation treatment creams are a key product here at CarasaLab. Our Minerva brand, which has been on the market since 1990, has set the benchmark for creams designed to lighten and unify skin tone in the Middle-Eastern market. The vast knowledge acquired during our years of experience is evidence of our high-quality. You can rest assured that we are a trusted manufacturer of body creams specialized in removing and preventing blemishes.

Exclusive luxury skin products

Our expert R&D team specializes in the development of exclusive patented ingredients, , which guarantee the uniqueness of our formulations. Additionally, this specialized department allows for exhaustive quality control and a guarantee of efficacy accredited in independent laboratory tests. The most exclusive luxury brought to the world of cosmetics.

Example of skin with acne issues

0 Acne body

While we most commonly see it on the face, acne is a problem that can occur on any part of the body (especially on the back, shoulders and neckline). Fat and dead cells clog the hair follicle (hair) and cause it to become infected, producing bacteria and as a result, pesky spots. Our 0 Acne body products focus on eliminating bacterial infections by cleansing and moisturizing the affected areas.

Example of reddened skin
Sensitive skin is usually more affected by transepidermal water loss. When this process happens, the protective barrier and the structure that protects our skin from external factors is weakened. We formulate our Tender care products to strengthen and soothe sensitive skin by using ceramides and other ingredients that reinforce the barrier and restore the skin’s healthy microbiome.

Example of skin with problems
Treatments – Skin issue

Our skin lives accompanies us on a journey that lasts a lifetime. It evolves as we grow and changes like the seasons of the year. These changes affect its appearance, and that’s why our Skin issue treatments are designed to attack the most extreme aggressions that can cause our skin’s appearance to present changes.
Prevention is better than cure. Skin atrophies that can arise from stretching of the skin or other causes can be avoided if we focus on the skin’s flexibility. Bearing this in mind, our anti-stretch mark portfolio includes oils and body creams that feature ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Extract, etc. The goal is to provide the necessary nutrients so that the skin is nourished and hydrated and can stretch without the risk of damage to its structure.

Are you looking for any other body cosmetics that you haven’t seen here?

Tell us about your idea! We love challenges and ideas that break all the boundaries.

Minimum manufacturing amounts


200gr: 1.000 units
500gr: 500 units
1.000gr: 500 units


100ml: 1.000 units
250ml: 500 units
500ml: 500 units


200gr: 1.000 units
500gr: 500 units
1.000gr: 500 units


100ml: 1.000 units
250ml: 500 units

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