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Wholesale skincare suppliers

Our skincare products range from products designed for the most classic skin routine, which consists of cleansing, hydration and protection, through to the most intense rituals featuring 10 steps or more. We are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of skin care solutions and allow our clients to create multi-action or more specific formulations featuring highly specialized active ingredients. We believe that everyone‚Äôs skin is different, which is why we create our products using an expert process that encompasses consideration of all the potential features found in different people‚Äôs skin: sensitive, mixed skin types, oily, dry, acne, hyperpigmented, uneven textures…

Body skincare products

We know that the skin is the body’s largest organ and that it has a very important role: protecting us from the elements. The skin care cosmetics we sell are formulated in our own laboratory, where our team creates unique products adapted to clients’ individual needs. While people often categorize skin as either facial or body, the reality is that skin varies greatly depending on its exact location on the body. Bearing that in mind, we formulate cosmetics that feature antioxidants, ultra-moisturizing effects, regenerating qualities, anti-acne ingredients and a whole host of other features, as well as different formats and textures: oils, creams, gel-creams, mists and a range of other options.

Facial skincare products

Achieving healthy skin: what everyone wants, regardless of their skin type.
We formulate and manufacture our wholesale skin care products in compliance with the strictest European standards and regulations. When it comes to facial care, one of the most important factors for any supplier is catering to a wide variety of skin types. For this reason, we strive to meet the needs of different markets in terms of the ingredients we use and the treatments they cover: facial moisturizers, make-up removers, sunscreens, anti-aging and blemish treatments, concentrated treatment serums, facial masks, eye contour creams…

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