Wholesale skincare

Wholesale skincare products

Our skincare products adapt to all preferences, from the most basic of skincare routines (consisting of cleaning and moisturizing) to the most specific (consisting of 10 or more steps). We are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of skincare products with the ability to create emulsions that have multiple benefits or that focus on a specific goal with very concrete active ingredients. Contact Us

Cosmetics for the body

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it has a very important function: protection. We formulate our cosmetics for the body in our laboratory owned by us, devising unique products that adapt to our customers’ needs.

Body creams

Gel and oil cleaners

Treatments: Stretch marks, acne, etc.

Cosmetics for the face

Healthy skin: it’s a common goal for thousands of skin types.

Our cosmetics are formulated and manufactured under the strictest European standards and regulations. We meet all market needs in terms of treatments and ingredients.

Face creams

Face serums

Masks, scrubs, tonics, mists, etc.

Other cosmetics

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Skincare Lab

Our flexibility and tight-knit relationship with our customers allow us to experiment and explore with different formulas and textures and, thus, customize the products to any taste or need. We pamper our cosmetic products and those of our customers; we want brands to grow and evolve, always maintaining their spirit of originality and innovation.

Our laboratory

Are you looking for a different type of skincare product that you haven’t seen here?

Tell us your idea! We love challenges and ideas that are out of the ordinary.

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