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We are pioneering hair color and hair dye manufacturers

Our experience as a hair dye factory began in 1925 when Emiliano Carasa created Laboratorios Carasa in Spain (Rentería), with the aim of being able to translate his innovative ideas into hair cosmetics products that would revolutionize the hairdressing sector. In 1940 the Komol brand emerged: one of the first hair dyes manufactured in Spain and which began its rapid expansion across the whole country. Their slogan was “They’ll make your hair look 20 years younger in 15 minutes.” It was the “miracle” product that covered gray hair. With our long history as hair color manufacturers, we continue to innovate and offer top-quality hair dyes to meet the needs of our customers.

Equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery to offer a complete hair care range to our clients. Far beyond a hair color factory: we have the complete R&D, manufacturing and service process, from the development of customized formulations to the manufacture of the desired hair cosmetic.

We develop the entire manufacturing and marketing process, from the dye laboratory to the sale. Positioning ourselves as hair dye manufacturers at an international level.

CarasaLab distributes dyes of its own formulation, ideal both for companies in the professional sector and for personal use. Thanks to our extensive experience, we offer high-quality products, and clients can personalize them: you can choose the natural extracts, tones, undertones, perfumes and all the characteristics of the product.

Our dyes

Dyes with permanent pigments, with conditioners, oils and extracts.
The usual ones, the classics, the permanent ones, the ones that cover 100%, the most used worldwide and for more than 30 years. Dyes with permanent pigments, with conditioners, oils and extracts. We achieve an optimal insertion of the pigments to the cortex of the hair fiber, for this reason we achieve a total coverage of gray hair and all color options. The color possibilities are endless: natural colors, intense colors, vibrant colors… endless reflections, toners, concealers and super lighteners. Indispensable professional hair coloring products.
*Also developers for the perfect blend, as well as bleaching, pre-coloring oils and stain removers.

Dyes free from ammonia, free from PPD (paraphenylenediamine), free from PTD (p-toluenediamine), without silicones, without resorcinol, and other dermatologically related components such as irritating and sensitizing ingredients. We achieve a permanent coloration, with lightening power or tone on tone in natural, intense colors, nuances, correctors.

We replace these ingredients with others such as ethanolamine (MEA) and other more natural, less aggressive raw materials that do not damage the hair, but with the same result of perfect coverage. We introduce beneficial ingredients into the formulas to achieve a more natural and healthy hair dye with natural oils and extracts: argan oil, silk protein, jojoba oil, bamboo extract, rosemary, walnut, aloe vera, chamomile, indigo… With the option to create vegan dyes.

*Also FREE FROM developers for the perfect mix.

They offer multiple advantages that, added to those already known from the CarasaLab color range, can enhance the user experience thanks to their liquid texture and ease of use, without losing color saturation.

A versatile product due to its multiple options in color development (permanent, toners, semi-permanent, PPD-free, ammonia-free
) and in application (the liquid dye mixed with the oxidizer can be applied in the sink).

*We use a special developer for the range to obtain the perfect consistency for the best application.

None of the colors of the rainbow are missing from our color chart: reds, blues, violets, greens, oranges, pinks, yellows…

The strict selection of high-quality pigments allows us to create all kinds of color bases: permanent, semi-permanent, ammonia-free, PPD-free, oxidation pigment-free… Being able to achieve modulating shades depending on the exposure time, and a wide range from pastel shades to the most vibrant. We add moisturizing and protective ingredients so that the color appears full of light and shine.

We create professional tints in natural or fantasy colors to tint eyebrows and eyelashes
Always taking into account the technique and the area of application, we create professional tints in natural or fantasy colors to tint eyebrows and eyelashes. With a heavy pigmentation load in the formula, we eliminate ammonia, PPD and other agents that can irritate the delicate eye area, and add natural and moisturizing ingredients to nourish and brighten for a harmonious beauty.

*We have a mini developer from the range to obtain the perfect consistency for the application.

Ease of use and effective Dye at Home Kit.
Ease of use and effectiveness are the two main goals of DIY Kit dyes (Do It Yourself). Easy because the Kit is complete with all the necessary elements to dye your hair at home (gloves, dye, developer, instructions, mixing container and integrated applicator, sachet with shampoo/conditioner/mask/oil…) and effective because we get results from hairdressing products with full coverage of gray hair. The kit is intended for sale in specialized online and offline stores, grocery stores, drug stores and in general the mass market. We offer a wide range of colors with natural tones full of highlights, toners and correctors.

Covers or conceals gray hair in both hair and beard gradually.
Covers or conceals gray hair in both hair and beard gradually. With each application, the pigment is deposited on the hair to gradually provide a subtle and natural coloration. The color intensity increases with more applications, which is why we recommend using the shampoo daily until the desired shade is obtained, and then adjusting its use weekly to maintain the result. It is a very good option for keeping an even color easily and at home.
In the manufacture of this type of dyes we take into account the availability of all natural tones with various shades so that the result is very natural.

To revive or intensify colors in dyed hair or to make temporary changes to the look
To revive or intensify colors in dyed hair, or to make temporary changes to the look, Color Masks combine conditioning care with semi-permanent color. The non-permanent color pigments work in 10 minutes and the intensity of the color is gradual, depending on the number of applications. A simple way to make up your hair and treat it at the same time.

They act on the hair color in which it is applied and the coloring is tone on tone with a weaker oxidation
Unlike CLASSIC dyes and FREE FROM Permanent Colors, Colority baths do not have lightening power. They act on the hair color in which it is applied and the coloring is tone on tone with a weaker oxidation. Despite this, the intense reflections and the shine of the color baths provide a glossy effect with a lot of shine, respecting the integrity of the hair fiber.

Are you looking for another dye that you haven’t seen here?

Tell us your idea, we love challenges and ideas that are out of the ordinary. In the manufacture of hair cosmetics we have no limits.

Minimum quantities

Hair Dyes

CLASSIC coloring /  Organic hair dyes / Liquid Dyes / Fantasy dyes

60ml: 883 unid
100ml: 500 unid
120ml: 416 unid

Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes

15ml: 2000 unid
20ml: 1500 unid

Dye at home

50ml: 1000 unid/color
60ml: 833 unid/color

Dye in Shampoo for Men

150ml: 2666 unid/color
200ml: 2000 unid/color
250ml: 1600 unid/color

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