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High-quality professional hairdressing products wholesale

We are a supplier and wholesaler of hair salon and beauty products, including those specifically designed for professional hairdressing suppliers. The professional sector requires exceptional quality and effectiveness. At Carasalab, we have specialized in developing professional cosmetics that cover all the needs of expert hairdressers since we first founded our company.

We care about quality, and we base our purchases and production processes on this core value. We know that when it comes to repeat purchases on beauty products and hairdressing supplies, quality is often the deciding factor. We assure you that our products feature the highest quality. Along with excellent levels of quality, we focus on innovation in hairdressing and beauty products as a competitive advantage in distribution. We strive to be highly adaptable, trusted distributors of hairdressing products with the hairdressing salon as a core business.
The objective is to remain as the best distributor, supplier and wholesaler of products from the best brands.

Carasalab distributes professional hairdressing and aesthetic products of its own formulation, ideal both for companies in the professional sector and for consumption. Thanks to our extensive experience, we manufacture hair products to offer high-quality hairdressing products, and with the option to be personalized, being able to choose colors, natural extracts or perfumes, among others. The customer chooses the product properties so that they have the performance and characteristics that meet their brand and needs.
As wholesalers, placing ourselves in second position in the supply chain, we provide the best professional hair products to our distributors, both with our own brands and with third-party brands, nationally and worldwide. Having our own laboratory allows us to adapt to all distribution needs. We hold online meetings with clients interested in our services to assess all possible options and ensure that we are a strategic partner that boosts sales and new opportunities.

Hairdressing products

Applying hair coloring products

Permanent and Semi-permanent / Free from ammonia / Organic / Direct Color

Using shampoo from CarasaLab


Treatment / Frequent use / Color intensifiers

Applying hair conditioner


Bi-phase / No rinse / Nourishing and moisturizing / Color intensifier

Applying hair mask

Hair mask

Treatment / Nourishing and moisturizing / Repairing / Color intensifier

Applying molding products

Hair molding

Hair straightener / Permanent / Wavy

Applying hairdressing finishing products

Finishing products

Styling gels / Styling foams / Fixing sprays / Waxes

Applying hairdressing coloring products.

Coloring auxiliary products

Oxygenated cream / Bleaching powder / Protective oil / Stain remover

Before and After using our hair treatment

Capillary treatment

Anti frizz / Anti fall / Intense nutrition / Botox

An example of hairdressing product over curly hairs

Low-poo / co-wash / mask / cream / gel / foam

Final result of our Kerating straightener treatment

Shampoo / Mask / Treatment

Some of our professional cosmetics

We have products for all types of hairdressing, from the most classic to the most specialized. The product options are very diverse: very versatile all-in-one products with multiple functionalities and products with specific ingredients in high percentages, to intervene in the focus of action: hyaluronic acid, maleic acid, probiotics, vitamin complexes, keratin, with SPF, oils and butters (coconut, sweet almonds, argan, shea, avocado, cupuaçu, jojoba…) plant extracts (oats, murumuru, bamboo, chamomile, indigo, pomegranate…) among many others.

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Suppliers of high quality hairdressing products

We have our own cosmetics laboratory, which allows us to research, formulate and distribute unique professional hair coloring and hair care products.

We work hand in hand with experts and salons from the professional sector, which allows us to innovate in the right direction, and thus meet the needs of our professionals. The distribution of beauty products is very demanding at all levels; you have to take into account from the look and the hair of the clients of the salon, to the cleanliness and hygiene.

If what you are looking for is a product and format already created to personalize your brand, visit the «Your Professional Brand Products» page. This project gives us the possibility of being distributors of hairdressing products without the need to order a minimum number of units. The objective is to create your brand of professional hairdressing and beauty articles and be able to sell them to your clients, becoming a supplier and expanding your activity with the distribution of your own products. The product labels will feature your brand, but the formulas and packaging are not customizable. All our products are Made in Spain, formulated, tested and manufactured by us. Our laboratory has worked over many years to improve formulas and evolvewith the needs of the market to offer you the perfect products.