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Exceptional quality and
exceptional effectiveness

We are hairdressing suppliers. The professional hairdressing sector requires exceptional quality and effectiveness. At CarasaLab, we have been specialized in developing professional cosmetics that cover all the needs of expert hairdressers since our inception.

We care about quality, and we base our purchasing and production processes on precisely that. Whether the consumer buys the product again depends, to a large extent, on its quality – and we can assure you that our products have that down.

Sale of hairdressing products
for salon professionals

We currently have our own brand aimed at the professional sector and we are also hairdressing wholesalers for leading companies at an international level. We manufacture high-quality cosmetics that provide optimal results in terms of washing, styling, coloring, and hair treatments. To accomplish that, we offer a wide range of professional hair cosmetics for private labels, including:


Permanent and semi-permanent / Ammonia-free and organic

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For treatments / For frequent use / Color enhancers

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Bi-phase / No-Rinse Nourishing and moisturizing / Color enhancer

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Hair masks

For treatments / Nourishing / Moisturizing color enhancer

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Hair styling

Hair straighteners / Perms / Wavy hair products

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Finishing products

Styling lacquers / Styling foams

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Products for coloring

Oxidizing cream / Bleaching powder / Protective oil

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Anti-frizz / Anti-hair loss / Intense nutrition

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Shampoo / Hair masks / Anti-frizz oils / Booster creams

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We also manufacture ecological
and organic products

As manufacturers of cosmetics, we have developed a fusion between the most advanced technology and ingredients from 100% natural resources so as to offer to hairdressers highly effective, natural products that are respectful towards the environment.

All of our natural products contain a high concentration of quality, ecological active ingredients. We select each ingredient one by one, verifying its natural origin.  We advocate for sustainable development in the formulation, production, and packaging processes, being sure to always respect the environment.

Plant-based dyes for hairdressers

We base our natural plant dye formulations on botanical substances and pure aromas from plants and flowers grown around the world through organic and biodynamic farming techniques.

Sale of ammonia-free dyes for hairdressers

At CarasaLab, we have developed our Professional Hair Coloring Line based on a non-aggressive approach that features natural ingredients and is free of ammonia, doing so with the aim of providing a soft color with extra conditioning properties.

Some of our
professional cosmetics

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Would you like to have your own hairdressing brand?

Discover our laboratory!

We have our own cosmetics lab, which allows us to research, formulate, and manufacture unique hair coloring and haircare products. We work hand in hand with experts from the professional sector and this allows us to innovate in the right direction and, thus, meet the needs of stylists.

Our laboratory