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Your natural cosmetics lab for third-parties

CarasaLab was founded in 1925 and has evolved over the years to become an expert in its field by specializing in all cosmetic product solutions, including natural and organic cosmetics. We have expanded our natural cosmetics options to include solutions for third parties in all of our areas of expertise: dyes, facial and body cosmetics, and professional hair care products for both salons and sales to a wider mass market. As a proudly natural cosmetics laboratory, we expertly manage all of our processes in order to create our own personalized cosmetics line for the needs of each and every client. When it comes to creating natural and organic cosmetics, as well as prioritizing the product itself, we put love and care into packaging the products. With this in mind, we work with providers across the country who are strictly selected and required to provide us with the necessary compliance certificates designed to control traceability and verify the sustainable nature of their packaging.

 Sustainable and effective cosmetics

When starting development on a store or generic brand project, we begin by analyzing the client’s briefing to meet their brand requirements (for example, if the product needs to be vegan, if they request certification status, ingredients they want to eliminate such as silicones, parabens, sulfates, paraffin or other mineral oils, etc.) and determine the type of formulation that our natural cosmetics lab should begin to formulate. Our R&D department then selects ingredients and raw materials based on their origin and their active properties.

Organic formulas

Wide range of natural formulas

As a company that prides itself in being a leading expert in the production of dyes and other cosmetics like shampoos, creams and balms, our cosmetics lab works closely with the purchasing department to select top-quality ingredients and raw materials that are renowned for sustainability and environmental friendliness. The generic brands that we create in our natural cosmetics laboratory are considered own-brands. We create prototypes and samples of natural and organic cosmetics for our clients to try out and provide us with their feedback until we achieve the perfect formula, tailored to meet their requirements. This includes ensuring that products are free from parabens, silicones, paraffin and other mineral oils, etc.

We always use innovation when making formulas in our lab in order to maintain an edge over the competition.

Example of product testing in our lab

Natural cosmetics laboratory tests

All the products made in our cosmetics laboratory are subjected to compulsory European safety tests, and we also offer the option of additional tests (such as an efficacy testing) and the certifications that the client requires (for example, the Vegan seal). We ensure that the products formulated in our natural cosmetics laboratory comply with current European regulations:

  • Challenge Test: This test checks for the efficacy of natural and eco-friendly preservatives in cosmetics. This is fundamental for ensuring that products do not lose their properties over time and that they are 100% safe ( avoiding the proliferation of microorganisms).
  • Patch tests: skin irritation test. This skin compatibility test outlines the potential irritation that could be caused by the cosmetic product. It is tested through a process involving 48 hours of occlusive application to healthy skin (patch method).
  • Stability test: the body cosmetic is subjected to heat stress conditions for three months. This ensures that we can predict the product’s general shelf life and environmental stability.
  • Compatibility Test: measures interaction between the formula and the final product container and labeling, in order to ensure that the quality of the natural cosmetic is not damaged.
Vegan, natural, ecological and organic products

The best natural skincare formulas

Our natural formulation lab and R&D department always focuses on providing high-quality and effective formulations, and we ensure this can be achieved by analyzing the ingredients and raw materials from the very start of our projects. This means we can guarantee natural cosmetics, both in the case of own-brand and generic/store brand products, that are 100% environmentally friendly. The procedures that we follow at CarasaLab allow us to control all the aspects involved in the manufacture of a natural and/or synthetic cosmetic, which is why we offer a wide variety of natural, ecological, environmentally friendly, vegan and Cruelty Free formulations. Our laboratory does not and will never test products on animals and we make no exceptions.

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