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The best Skincare Formulation

In CarasaLab cosmetic laboratory we study the skin and its different characteristics in depth to create effective and dynamic skincare formulations. In addition to obtaining high quality standards and beneficial results for the skin, our expert team takes into account the sensoriality of the cosmetic, experience and the ease of use, since consistency is one of the most important elements to achieve a healthy skin.
The finished product that we deliver to the customer must be the set of the preferred idea according to the customer’s brand, together with the expertise of our cosmetic laboratory that will result in a successful cosmetic product in the market.

In-house i+D laboratory

Our expert chemists are in constant communication with the rest of the team to create quality skincare products meaningful with the brand. The i+D department combines innovative technology and ancient methods formulating skin care products on a wide range: concentrated serums, body creams, gel and oil cleansers, treatment masks, acne prone skin treatments, perfumed mists for body care and hair care, tonics, chemical and physical scrubs, stretch marks treatments
 All of them adapted to each skin type.

We create professional and mass market formulas, being flexible in every client requirement.

Skincare Product Development Process

The very first step we take with our customers in the development step is the definition of the product / product line. We analyze all product possibilities and characteristics such as ingredients to obtain a sample that most closely resembles the skincare product concept that is best positioned in the target market. We create professional and mass market formulas, being flexible in every client requirement.
After the sample process in which we make the necessary changes on the sample to get the best cosmetic, we carry out the skincare testing process and the packaging selection. After obtaining the positive result of the scientific tests and the administrative management and regulatory registrations, we can start with the manufacturing of the order and packaging.

Los productos elaborados por CarasaLab se someten a tests de seguridad y calidad

Skincare product testing – How we test

Before being manufactured and distributed, all cosmetics in the industry must pass safety tests to ensure safe use and product quality maintenance. Our formulas are subjected to the following testing process:

  • Challenge Test: to analyze the stability of the formula and ensure that over time the product will not lose its benefits or grow microorganisms that compromise its safety.
  • Patch Test: to ensure that a product and its ingredients will not harm the skin and is dermatologist tested skin care.
  • Stability Test: the cosmetic is introduced in a constant heat oven to obtain in the short-term the long-term results that the skincare product would have.
  • Compatibility test: the objective is to approve the compatibility of the formula with the selected packaging so that the quality is maintained at the use stage.

There are many other optional tests, such as efficacy tests that we add to the previous ones depending on the type of project and client.

We never test on animals

100% Cruelty Free

We never and never will test on animals. Our laboratory is 100% Cruelty Free in compliance with European industry standards and CarasaLab’s ethical conviction. The quality of our products is tested by humans and the safety of our cosmetics is based on the tests mentioned in the previous point. We believe that taking care of animals and the planet is another way of taking care of ourselves, that is why we give the necessary importance to maintain our ethics in our business activity.
We create 100% vegan formulas if required by the client, since we select the ingredients from the beginning, taking into account their origin and characteristics. In our technical team we have doctors in chemistry who know all the alternatives in the market to create the best skincare recipes.

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