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A wide range of Vegan Curly Products

All CarasaLab Curly treatment products meet the requirements of the Curly Method to get the most out of curly hair and create the best products for the curly method.
The Curly Method created by Lorraine Massey specifies the steps to follow and the minimum characteristics of the products suitable for the curly method. The first rule is to eliminate the ingredients from the following list of the routine. Our curly hair method products are also 100% vegan and we have also eliminated Parabens.

Curly treatment products FREE FROM:

  • Sulfates
  • Silicones
  • Drying alcohols
  • Phthalates (plasticizers)
  • Mineral oils
  • Waxes
  • Parabens

In addition, the formulation has been developed with natural ingredients and the entire range is Vegan Friendly, to offer top quality products for curly hair.
Below, you’ll find the products that make up the curly method line with natural products by CarasaLab for perfect curls or to care for straight hair. Long hair with straight hair that begins the curly method will also benefit from exceptional treatment and care and may, in some cases, be surprised with naturally curly hair, but that has been straightened by improper use of other products.

Curly Effect Shampoo with your own brand
CarasaLab’s curly method shampoo performs a deep and respectful cleaning. Delicately cleanses the dirt produced by the scalp itself and the accumulated external contaminants. It is a shampoo suitable for the curly method, and we classify it as a moisturizing shampoo, also known as LOW POO and not as a clarifying shampoo (see our hair products for this type of last wash shampoo).

This sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free curly method shampoo hydrates hair and prevents breakage thanks to its strengthening ingredients. Mild, anionic and sulfate-free surfactants ensure non-aggressive cleansing and allow double cleansing without dehydrating the hair and avoiding frizz. It also does not contain drying alcohols, phthalates, mineral oils or waxes and is 100% Vegan.
In its composition we find: mild surfactants, Glycerin, Ginseng Extract, Prebiotics, Moisturizing products and bio-organic moisturizers and conditioners, for a curly cleaning treatment for moisturizing curly hair.

Producto Co-Wash de Carasalab efecto curly
A conditioner that cleans. For those who decide to follow the Curly Method without the Shampoo, we have formulated a cowash for wavy hair. By applying mild surfactants to the conditioner, we achieve a 2-in-1 product that is respectful of the hair and prevents dryness and frizz. It can be combined with the Curly mask for a more intensive treatment and to see real results of the curly method before and after, very surprising. The vegetable oils in the formula (coconut, avocado, jojoba and andiroba) provide fatty acids that regenerate and nourish the hair shaft. In cases of fine curly hair, we recommend combining the co-wash with the low-poo on different days as a cleaning step.

Conditioner Curly Effect with your own brand
This conditioner for the curly method has 2 objectives: hydration and easy styling. By following the curly method step by step, we will avoid combing the curls with a comb. That is why it is essential to introduce a curl conditioner into the routine that helps in subsequent styling with fingers or specific curly combs. The composition of this silicone-free curl conditioner manages to provide shine and perfect conditioning for subsequent styling, avoiding hair breakage. Formulated with: avocado oil, jojoba oil and andiroba oil.

Curly Method Effect Mask with your own brand
Intensive nourishing treatment curly mask. The nourishing ingredients penetrate the hair to hydrate and treat the follicles for healthy, shiny hair. This mask works during the exposure time (approximately 20 minutes) to promote moisture retention and protect the hair from drying out and brittleness. This mask without parabens, sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols, phthalates, mineral oils and waxes, is formulated with: Shea butter, Cupuaçu butter, Babassu oil, Açai oil, Aloe Vera gel, Vitamins A, B5, E and H and Ginseng Extract.

Curly Method Effect Cream with your own brand
We have 2 types of creams or boosters for curls. The first, Curlify, is formulated with curly hair prone to frizz in mind that seeks to define the wave and provide a silkier appearance. It is a natural curl defining cream that contains in its composition: Shea butter, Cupuaçu butter, Babassu Oil, Açai oil, Aloe Vera gel, Ginseng Extract and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

The second curl-defining cream, Volume-UP, is aimed at hair with little hair and less curly hair that seeks to give body and movement. In its composition: Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Andiroba oil and Maleic acid.

Both curl defining creams are free of silicones and the rest of the ingredients listed in the Curly Method. These creams also work as a leave-in conditioner and can be combined in the same routine, on different days, depending on the effect you want to achieve on your curls: definition and/or volume.

Curly Effect Gel with your own brand
This Curly Method curl defining gel is formulated based on plant extracts, and reduces frizz, hydrates, defines curls and provides long-lasting shine and definition. Following the Curly method, the use of this curl intensifying gel is recommended after the activating cream, to protect the hair. After its application, proceed to break the CAST effect with your hands, to achieve a looser and more natural look.

Styling Foam with your own brand
Ultra-light styling product that defines and fixes curls. With adjustable intensity, it can be combined with the gel to customize the hold and the result. The versatility of this product offers the option of creating a new and personalized one each time, adapting to each need and each moment.

Especially indicated for very light hair that avoids dense formulas that crush the hair due to weight, and for all types of curly hair that are looking for a moldable styling product with results of professional products. In its composition we find products with curly method proteins: vegetable Keratin protein, Maleic acid, Aloe Vera gel, provitamin B-5 and vitamin E.

How to do the Curly Method step by step?

To know which CarasaLab Curly products to use, the first step is to know which curl is going to be treated. To do this, we carry out the following classification to position ourselves in a box.

From 2 to 4 depending on the curl level and from A to C the intensity of the curl level. In addition to the type of curl, the thickness of the hair must be taken into account. As a general rule, the thicker, the drier, so opting for products with more conditioners and vegetable oils is the right thing to do to get more hydrated and silky hair.

Results from our Curly Girl Method Products

Example of classification and products

Very curly hair 4, intensity A
Recommended cleaning:
Mask 30 minutes
Volume-up cream + Curling gel/
Curling foam + Curling gel

Cleaning (can be combined in the same routine)

Curly Shampoo: Indicated for fine hair that requires more
requires more cleansing. At
it is a Low-Poo it does not dry
or cause chemical stress on the hair.
Recommended for classification:

2a, b, c / 3a

Curly Co-Wash: Indicated for thick and dry hair. hair. Being a conditioner
that also cleanses, we avoid drying the hair and frizz with
extra conditioners and vegetable oils at the same time as cleansing. In finer hair, it can be combined with
a shampoo cleansing shampoo without sulfates or silicones to do the “deep cleansing”.
Recommended for classification:

3a, b, c / 4a, b, c

Treatment (can be combined in the same routine)

Conditiones and mask

Elaborated for all types of curls, the conditioner and mask Curly of CarasaLab are focused to give an intense nourishing treatment to obtain a hydrated hair.
CarasaLab’s Curly conditioner and mask focus on providing an intense nourishing treatment for hydrated and healthy hair.
healthy hair. Since we also eliminate the use of the common comb in the Curly method, conditioning agents are indispensable to be able to tame and make curls flexible with hands or specific combs without damaging the hair.
without damaging the hair.

2a, b, c /3a, b, c / 4a, b, c

Styling (can be combined in the same routine)

Designed for all types of curls, the choice of styling product depends on the result you want to achieve.
you want to achieve. There are three forms: volume, definition and versatility, which come together in one, the gel.
Our Curlify Cream product provides definition mainly for levels 2 and 3 and VolumeUP Cream will round out levels 2B/C/C.
will round out levels 2B/C and 3, while curling more at level 1.
Curly Foam is suitable for curls from 2C and up. Together with the gel, it creates the product that any Curly Girl needs.
needs. It is perfect for fine hair looking for lightweight formulas that do not add weight to the hair.
Curling Gel will keep the style in place longer.

2a, b, c /3a, b, c / 4a, b, c

How long does the Curly Method take to take effect?

According to Lorraine Massey, the margin to start seeing the results is at least three weeks, since the hair needs time to adapt, but many factors must also be taken into account, such as mechanical or chemical damage that the hair may have had before starting the treatment. We use top quality ingredients in our vegan curly method products so that the results are visible as soon as possible, but we are not going to fool ourselves, there is one more component, just as important, to be a Curly Girl, and that is consistency.

Experts in the manufacture of Curly Method products

As manufacturers, we can customize the hair products, suitable for the Curly Method, that best suit the client’s brand and branding. With customization options for formula, perfume, packaging… We can hold an online meeting to get to know the project in depth and find the perfect product line.

Shall we work together?

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