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We are manufacturers of facial products

Healthy skin. A common goal for thousands of skin types. At CarasaLab we are specialists in the manufacture and sale of facial creams. We have our own brands of high quality and long history, and extensive experience developing facial products for private labels. Market research and trends help us develop skincare products of all kinds: day creams, night creams, serums, scrubs, toners, masks… and for all skin types: sensitive, mature, oily, dry, acne-prone, hyperpigmented 

We seek perfection in the manufacture of facial creams: they are formulated and manufactured in compliance under the strictest European standards and regulations. We meet all market needs in terms of treatment and ingredients.

Our factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery to offer a wide range of facial cosmetics manufacturing to third parties. Each skin is different, and we can give them the care they need. We have the complete R&D and manufacturing process, from the development of customized formulations to the manufacture of the desired final product. We develop the entire manufacturing and marketing process, from the facial cosmetics laboratory to sales.
At Carasalab we care about end consumers, their purchasing experience and satisfaction; We are not just a facial creams company. We guarantee personalized and friendly customer service,while offering the best cosmetic products, such as creams, serums, physical and chemical exfoliants, toners and masks, among others. We are a manufacturer, producer and distributor of facial cosmetics, but we are also passionate about having a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. The advantage of choosing us as manufacturers for your facial creams is that you can choose a formula from our wide range of products, or we can adapt to the product characteristics set out to us by our clients (you can choose natural extracts or perfumes, among other ingredients).

Our facial cosmetic products

Vegan, natural, ecological and organic products
Vegan, natural, ecological and organic products – Natural care
The union of nature and science in products to care for the skin, which accompany the personal ethics of the final consumer. Through official certificates and/or the careful selection of raw materials, we can offer a complete skincare routine adapted to the different consumer decisions on the market. Among all the traditional purchase motivation factors, it is important to include the options of vegan products, natural, ecological and organic cosmetics to meet the expectations of the most demanding in the beauty sector. We understand that natural cosmetics are much more than using natural ingredients.

Face Hydration Cosmetic
Moisturizers – Desert water
Skin hydration is essential for the protective barrier to be strong and flexible. However, the weather, pollution, and the application of other cosmetics, among others, put at risk the balance and nutrients of the skin that depend on hydration. As a manufacturer of facial products, we create moisturizing cosmetics in the form of emulsions in cream, gel, tonic, mask, serum… they are as necessary and valuable as finding water in the desert.

Skin with hyperpigmentation
Unifying cream
Focused on even skin tone, products that treat hyperpigmentation have been a key market for CarasaLab. Our Minerva brand, marketed since 1990, has been a benchmark among creams intended to lighten and unify skin tone in the Middle-Eastern market. The know-how we’ve built up over the years as a manufacturer means w have vast experience in this field. We create products focused on the treatment, elimination and prevention of stains.

Exclusive cosmetics
Exclusive skin
Having the R&D team allows us to develop exclusive ingredients, protected by the corresponding patents, which guarantee the uniqueness of our formulations, in addition to allowing exhaustive quality control and a guarantee of efficacy accredited in independent laboratory tests. Unique cosmetic products with selected ingredients recreating the most exclusive luxury reproduced in cosmetics.
As a manufacturer of facial cosmetics we like to research and explore the high-end options of our suppliers to make surprising and unique creams.

Skin with acne
Acne is a widespread problem in adolescence, but our products are designed to also treat this problem in adulthood. From non-invasive products for sensitive skin to hydroxy acids with a broad spectrum of activity.
The regulation of the sebaceous activity of the skin is key to the prevention of acne, and its treatment with hygiene and treatment cosmetics are key. The type of cosmetic product or the brand does not matter, whether they are dermatological, vegan, organic, cleansing, serum or gel. Constancy is the only condition that can never be lacking. For this reason, as a manufacturer of cosmetics, we always recommend complementing the product with the packaging, thinking about its use and objective of the product.

Mature skin – Well Aging
Treat and prevent. They are the backbone of our anti-aging products. With ingredients designed to reinforce hydration and skin structure, reduce wrinkles and reinforce firmness, our anti-wrinkle products offer solutions to provide luminosity to mature skin.
Natural or synthetic cosmetics that work at the cellular level and treat mature skin globally with multi-action and/or specific formulas (such as eye contour creams) with peptides, collagen stimulants, retinol, bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, encapsulations of active ingredients

Greasy skin
Oily skin
Oily skin needs special care to keep shine under control. From light textures to clay-based masks with exfoliating action, our products help balance sebum production.

Sensible skin
Tender care
Sensitive skin usually suffers from increased transepidermal water loss. When this happens, the protective barrier and the structure of our skin to face external aggressions is weakened. Tender care products are formulated to strengthen and not irritate sensitive skin.

Our illuminating cosmetics
Shine and glow is one of the most sought after features of facial cosmetics. Our illuminating cosmetics are infused with revitalizing and moisturizing properties so that the result is healthy, glowing skin.

Are you looking for any other facial cosmetics that you have not seen here?

Tell us your ideas! We love challenges and ideas that are out of the ordinary.

Minimal manufacturing


30gr: 1600 units
50gr: 1000 units
100gr: 500 units


50ml: 1000 units
100ml: 500 units
200ml: 500 units


50ml: 1000 units
100ml: 500 units
200ml: 500 units


30ml: 1600 units
50ml: 1000 units
100ml: 500 units
200ml: 500 units


50ml: 1000 units
100ml: 500 units
200ml: 500 units

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