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Hair loss treatment suppliers

In our laboratory we analyze the process of hair growth and loss ensuring we bear all of its phases in mind:

  • Anagen phase (growth): this phase lasts between 3 years (in the case of men) and 5 years (in the case of women). This is where the hair bulb needs all the nutrients to create the necessary keratin (protein) and form future hair. Although the hair follicle is inside it, the blood supply from the scalp feeds the hair root to reinforce the anagen phase.
  • Catagen phase (regression): this phase lasts only 2 or 3 weeks. The hair remains rooted in the follicle, but without contact with the bulb, meaning it does not grow.
  • Telogen phase (fall out): lasts for 2-3 months. This is the time it takes for the hair that is no longer in contact with the follicle to come to the surface of the scalp (and therefore fall out). The journey to the outer part of the hair is promoted by new hair that is in the anagen phase, creating a hair growth circle.

This is the normal hair growth process for both men and women, but there are several factors that can cause stunts in the growth cycles, causing a loss of hair mass from the root upwards, until its total disappearance (alopecia).

The process of hair growth and loss in all its phases.

These factors cause two types of hair loss: reactive and progressive:

Reactive hair loss can be caused by temporary situations such as pregnancy, stress and other situations that cause excessive reversible hair loss conditions (usually the loss becomes evident 3 months after experiencing the factor that caused the loss, which is the period that the telogen phase lasts).

In the case of progressive hair loss, altered male hormones in the body play a key role. It mostly affects men (and to a lesser extent, women) and this imbalance leads to a temporary reduction of the anagen phase. As the anagen phase only restarts a limited number of times, the production of hair fiber is exhausted before this, causing permanent alopecia (hair does not grow any more).
In our lab, we bear this in mind and analyze the type of fall out (loss) and the factors involved to formulate the most effective anti-loss treatment, using the appropriate anti-loss hair loss or hair-loss delay treatments.

Cosmetics designed to stop hair loss and stimulate its growth are one of the products that clients most commonly request from our cosmetics lab. As an industrial manufacturer, CarasaLab uses sophisticated machinery and offers flexible service featuring a huge range of anti-hair loss treatments. We work with the complete R&D and manufacturing process, from the development of customized formulations ensuring the client’s end product.

In the wholesale of anti-hair loss products, we have a distribution network in which we act as suppliers of both our own brands and third-party brands, in Spain and across the globe. We adapt to all kinds of distribution needs, which makes us a trusted provider of the best high-quality anti hair fall solutions.

Our hair loss products

Specific products for anti hair loss treatment
We formulate shampoo using ingredients that include vasodilator (blood vessel expanding) and refreshing properties, with a high skin compatibility that allows rapid and effective absorption of the active ingredients, and that stimulates blood microcirculation on the scalp. The vasodilation promoted by the combination of ingredients helps to increase the supply of nutrients, proteins and vitamins to hair bulbs and helps to normalize sebaceous secretion, a substance which can also compromise hair growth. These shampoos, in addition to being recommended for hair loss, are also effective in cases of seborrheic alopecia, oily dandruff and hypodermic infiltrations, among other conditions. They are also recommended for everybody who wants to keep up a healthy hair cycle, bearing in mind that hair loss is not always an aesthetic issue.

Serum ampoules for hair loss treatment
These products are the most concentrated version of hair loss treatments. The goal is to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. We create various formulas that work on the types of hair loss specified above.
In cases of reactive hair loss, we recommend our ampoules that work using a 5-α-reductase. This is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If there is an increase in the 5-α reductase enzyme, DHT increases and hair loss occurs. It is in this conversion process where our formula takes action by stimulating protein synthesis in the hair follicle to help in the anagen phase., given that it is full of active ingredients including polysaccharides and triterpenes.

For progressive hair loss, we use a natural active ingredient that reactivates hair growth using a biological method, while also creating an optimal microenvironment for reactivation. It produces an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb, restarting cell activity in the dermal papilla and nourishing it at the same time with an exclusive nutritional mixture made especially for hair.

Whether for men or women, these natural treatments come as a result of stem cell-based innovation and research on synthetic ingredients of natural and vegan origin, and include the option of creating alcohol-free formulations. As experts, we carry out efficacy tests on the raw materials that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients through the incredible results of these hair loss, alopecia and non-surgical hair thickening treatments (all you need is anti-hair loss shampoo and ampoules).

Our serum skin
This product revolves around preventing hair loss. The objective is to keep skin on the scalp in optimal conditions to help keep hair full of vitality. Older anti-hair loss products (shampoo, ampoules) work to strengthen the hair fiber, while scalp serum works directly on the skin.

The skin on the head, as on the rest of the body, is seasonal and has specific needs that we must treat in order to keep it in healthy conditions. These serums help keep the microbiome of the scalp under control to avoid skin problems such as dandruff (dry and oily), irritation, seborrhea and a host of other conditions… These problems can be caused by the skin itself (a tendency to dry skin, for example) or caused by bad habits: leaving hair wet for a long time (with possible proliferation of bacteria), using very aggressive cosmetics with the skin (it is necessary to do an allergy test in some cases, such as dyes) and other factors, which endanger the stability of the microbiome and as a result, optimal hair growth.

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