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Hair color Lab

Our hair color lab works in 3 research and development areas: color quality, hair care and safety (comply with legislation and ensure the absence of toxicity for people and the environment).
Hair coloring is not a blank canvas on which we add pigments and obtain the expected result. There are multiple factors to take into account that influence the result and the type of dye formulated.

Since Haussmann discovered phenylenediamine in 1863, its use spread to dyeing fur, and then expanded to the cosmetics industry, creating a total revolution. The color market, which until now used ingredients of plant and/or mineral origin, created an infinite number of colors which proved to work permanently.
Today, thanks to research in hair color labs, and the change in consumption habits, among others, we have coloring products of all kinds: formulas without PPD, free from ammonia, with natural ingredients, vegan dyes, direct coloring , permanent / semi-permanent / demi-permanent, natural dyes, to cover gray hair, to shade colors

We make your customizable hair dyes

Wide range of colors for dyes

Color range

The type of pigment or dye selected changes depending on the purpose of the product. There are oxidation pigments, where the color is developed by oxidation and polymerization reactions in an alkaline medium in the cortex, or direct dyes in acid formulations that act on the hair cuticle, among others.
Another important color factor is the tones and reflections of synthetic dyes and natural dyes. In addition to defining the “base” color, we provide 2 reflection shades that will shine when light falls on the hair. We can create color cards of cold or warm tones and reflections depending on the client’s specifications.

We like to adapt, inthe texture of the product that best suits the needs of the client: cream dye, liquid dye, oil dye, to apply in the sink


Coloring in professional hairdressing is a very important factor for each colorist when it comes to achieving a personal and high-quality brand. That is why we always keep in mind the use and process that each hair color is intended for. We like to adapt, in addition to the color, the texture of the product that best suits the needs of the client: cream dye, liquid dye, oil dye, to apply in the sink…

We formulate the base of the formula that will determine the performance of the product on the hair fiber.


The performance of the color in the hair over time is undoubtedly one of the first characteristics to take into account when starting to develop hair coloring products in the laboratory. Before including the pigments, we formulate the base of the formula that will determine the performance of the product on the hair fiber.
In addition, the use of ammonia or other substitute or natural chemical components also determines the permanence and intensity of the color in the hair fiber. This means that we create permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent dyes, pigment-based products and toners

Example of product testing in our lab

Product testing

All products manufactured (and then distributed) in Europe have to pass safety tests in order to be sold, and we ensure that all our products comply with current regulations:

  • Challenge Test: the efficiency of the preservative system of the dyes is evaluated. In other words, if the dye is correctly formulated so that over time, it does not lose its properties or conflict with the proliferation of microorganisms.
  • Patch Test: skin irritation test. It is a skin compatibility study to evaluate the potential irritation of dyes. It is evaluated after 48 hours of occlusive application (patch method).
  • Stability Test: we subject the dye to heat stress conditions for three months. Thus, we predict the theoretical life of the product.
  • Compatibility Test: the interaction between the formula and the final container in which the product will be sold is evaluated to verify that it does not compromise the quality of the product.

There are many other optional tests, such as the effectiveness tests that we add to the previous ones depending on the type of project and client.

We make your customizable hair dyes

Quality Control

We submit each batch of dye that we produce at CarasaLab to quality controls. We know the importance of maintaining the quality standards of a cosmetic product in the evolution of a brand, which is why we measure: density, pH, dry extract, color test, organoleptic characteristics…

The best formulation of hair dyes

In the CarasaLab hair color lab, in addition to developing hairdressing products that encompass quality coloring, hair care and cosmetic safety, we offer innovative technologies of vegetable origin in the formulation that intensify color and its duration, reducing damage to the cortex and adding conditioning for a brighter result.
The experience of our laboratory formulating dyes goes back to 1930, when Laboratorios Carasa was a pioneer in hair dye at a national level with the launch of the Komol brand. Since then, the laboratory has worked relentlessly, focusing its activity on obtaining formulas that exceed the expectations of our clients and that are competent in the market. Visit our Legacy to learn more about our beginnings in 1925.

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