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Suppliers of facial care products

Seasonal factors, the country where a product is going to be sold, the target audiences, ingredients, the packaging materials… As a leading facial products supplier, there are many factors that we take into account to create a failsafe, effective and efficient distribution process. We take these steps to ensure that we remain in our position as leading suppliers of facial creams that our clients can rely on in the long term. The wholesale of creams and serums and other types of products means we offer highly competitive quality solutions, as we are experts in both manufacturing and distributing facial products.

Wholesale suppliers of face creams

Speed and flexibility are key qualities for any supplier, and more so in an industry that is constantly changing and requires in-depth monitoring of changing market trends. When it comes to selling facial care products in locations such as beauty salons, it is fundamental that each client’s needs are carefully considered, as each skin type is different. Our huge catalog makes this process much easier (At present, it is important for suppliers to feature a range of options such as skin care creams with quality organic ingredients). We help companies and beauty salons design their own skincare brands, with an expert focus on their specific needs and branding requirements.

We are wholesale suppliers of face creams and facial care cosmetics designed for the professional and mass market sectors. Thanks to our long track record, we are experts in producing high-quality discount cosmetics using classic formulas and innovative cosmetics technologies, which we use to ensure that our products offer a distinct edge over the competition. We also offer a uniquely personalized service, allowing our customers to select each of the product features for their facial cosmetics.
As experts in wholesale facial creams, we feature in the second step of the supply chain, providing skincare solutions in the form of our own brands and third-party brands, in Spain and across the globe. Our facial cosmetics lab allows us to adapt to our clients’ distribution needs and retain our position as leading wholesale facial products distributors.

Our facial care products


Oil-based / Gel-based


Activated carbon / Capsules / BHA / AHA / Enzymatic


With nutrients / Anti aging / Brightening & Glow / Anti-blemishes


Prebiotics / Ceramides / Capsules /


Hyaluronic Acid / Niacinamide / Vitamin C /

SPF protection

Mineral / Organic

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