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Suppliers of body lotions and cosmetics

During CarasaLab’s long history as a manufacturer and supplier of body lotions, we’ve always prided ourselves on consistent quality and flexibility. We are passionate about knowing what makes each and every one of our customers tick, in order to personalize our offer and meet the needs and special features of their target markets. As suppliers of wholesale body lotions, we specialize in distributing our products to retailers, salons, and spas, and we offer competitive pricing to our wholesale customers. A body lotion supplier will never stand a chance of long term success if it does not take into account the evolution of trends and innovation in the global cosmetics industry. This means much more than just the formulation of the product: it also includes the packaging and visual features of the cosmetic product. For this reason, at CarasaLab we keep a close eye on new developments and innovations in the cosmetics industry to make sure we can offer you the best body lotions at a fantastic price.

We are wholesale suppliers of body creams and body care cosmetics aimed at the professional sector and the wider market. Thanks to our long track record, we make high-quality bodycare cosmetics based on classic formulas and innovative technologies in the development of cosmetics. The option of customizing each of the characteristics of a body lotion or cosmetic allows us to offer a holistic personalized service.
As wholesale body creams and lotions specialists, we proudly work on the second step of the supply chain, and supply our body creams to our distributors. They work with both their own brands as well as third-party brands, nationally and worldwide. Our body cosmetics laboratory allows us to adapt to all of our customers’ distribution needs and makes us an excellent option if you’re looking for a trusted supplier of wholesale body creams.

Hairdressing products

Urea / Hyaluronic Acid / Aloe Vera / Almond Oil

Moisturizing body lotions

Urea / Hyaluronic Acid / Aloe Vera / Almond Oil…

high quality hand creams with SPF and vitamin C

Hand creams

With SPF / Vitamin C / Niacinamide

Foot creams with relaxing effect

Foot creams

Relaxing effect / Shea Butter / Urea

Chemicals or granules / Free from microplastics / Caffeine


Chemicals or granules / Free from microplastics / Caffeine

Rosehip / Argan Oil, Jojoba, Almonds / Grape Seed.

Anti-stretch mark treatment

Rosehip / Argan Oil, Jojoba, Almonds / Grape Seed.

Niacinamide / Kojic Acid / Arbutin

Whitening cream

Niacinamide / Kojic Acid / Arbutin

Sun protectors Mineral / Chemical-based

Sun protection creams

Mineral / Chemical-based

Body hygiene solutions in lotions or oils

Body gel

Body hygiene solutions in lotions or oils

> 95% natural ingredients

Natural cosmetics

> 95% natural ingredients

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