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We are passionate about offering quality hair care products. Over the course of many decades, our products have been tested and reformulated to ensure that we are a leading international quality distributor of hair care options. The hair care treatments that we offer are very diverse and include options for all hair cosmetics markets. As hair product suppliers, we pride ourselves in working with flexibility and quality as our main priorities. We strive to set brands apart from their competitors, and we do this through our passion for formulating, manufacturing and distributing top quality hair cosmetics: dyes, shampoos, masks, conditioners, co-wash (conditioning shampoos),
As a wholesale hair specialist, we work across national and international markets, and clients enjoy the benefits of CarasaLab’s full support with the administrative paperwork and regulation process. Thanks to our extensive experience in the beauty sector, we advise and help hair care product distributors to solve potential difficulty or slowdown in the distribution process. All of CarasaLab’s teams work simultaneously to optimize every step of the journey and speed up the hair care supply chain. As expert hair product vendors, we are passionate about working closely with your company throughout the entire process.

We are suppliers of expert, professional quality dyes and hair care treatments for both professional salons and the wholesale mass market. Our excellent track record means we have the expertise to produce high-quality, successful and customizable hair care products from scratch.
As a hair products supplier, we’ll guide you closely through every step of the distribution process and ensure we are the partner for your hair care product. When creating both our own brands and third-party brands, our goal is to ensure that our cosmetics are dispatched from our hair products lab and reach their destination in perfect, ready for sale conditions. We strive to make the entire hair product distribution process as easy as possible, so that our clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Our hair care products


Moisturizers / Repairs / Toning / Hair loss / Anti-dandruff /


Botox / Repair / Pepper / Detox / Keratin


Detanglers / Shine / Anti split ends / Color protectors

Styling – Leave in

Activating creams / Conditioner without rinsing / Oil / Serum / Fixatives / Thermal protectors / Skin-scalp serum

Natural products

Wholesale shampoos / Mask / Discount Conditioner / Oils


Permanent / semi-permanent / direct coloring / Free from ammonia

Other products we distribute

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