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Customized Cosmetic Product Manufacturers

We are manufacturers and distributors of hair and facial cosmetics with a huge presence worldwide. We guarantee professional solutions with the attention and care that every product deserves. As cosmetic makers, we create innovative formulas for the best brands on the market, both large and small.
We are still an approachable family business. For this reason, we also offer you a personalized service aimed at distributors of medium-small cosmetic products. Tell us more about your project to contract cosmetics to third parties with few units.

The leader in beauty and care formulas

The know-how acquired through the experience and continuous training of our team positions us among the leading cosmetic products manufacturers for international brands. Since 1925 CarasaLab has worked continuously as a growing cosmetics factory, putting quality at the center of everything we do.

As a third-party manufacturer of cosmetic products, we seek to fully adopt our client’s brand concept and create the cosmetic that best suits their needs, both in product development and characteristics, and to offer cosmetics at competent factory prices.

Hair product manufacturers

Coloring and treatment. These are the two core strengths of CarasaLab as a manufacturer of hair professional cosmetics. From a global perspective, we understand hair as an indispensable feature in personal care. Knowing the phases of the hair growth and life cycle, we analyze which ingredients are most suitable in each case, and with the support of our raw material suppliers, we create products focused on efficacy. We know that in the manufacture of cosmetics for hair for third parties, the demands of the market are maximum.

Body cosmetics manufacturers

The evolution of consumer trends has been reflected in our activity as body lotions manufacturers for third parties. We manufacture from generic products focused on a single action for all skin types, to specific cosmetics for skin with seasonal conditions such as pregnancy.

In the manufacture of cosmetic products, from our professional point of view, we recommend the characteristics that best suit the client’s objective, but always taking into account the client’s restrictions and limitations: natural or synthetic ingredients, their origin, type of perfume, viscosity, color, texture etc.

Manufacturers of facial cosmetics

In our role as cosmetics manufacturers for third parties, we offer the advantages of having a portfolio of already tested facial cosmetics and the option of customizing them until a unique cosmetic is achieved. We carefully select the ingredients and packaging of the product and we consider the cosmetic as part of the brand identity, always with the aim of adding value.

We cover the 3 phases of facial cosmetics: cleansing, treatment and protection. With the option of delivering them in bulk or finished product (even single doses) we can respond to your needs as a brand or company.

Natural cosmetics manufacturers

Natural cosmetics is undoubtedly a growing trend, but as third-party natural cosmetic manufacturers we do not limit ourselves to formulating with natural ingredients. CarasaLab goes further, holistically working with the social and economic change towards a long-term sustainable manufacturing culture.
To do this, we take into account 4 Ps: Planet – People – Product – Profit. We work from an environmental point of view, opting for sustainable options (Planet), having at the center human relations (People) with our employees, suppliers and collaborators, to create the Product, and in such a way that it is sustainable from an economic point of view. (Profit) means generating stable benefits to ensure the continuity of both parties.

Experts in Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing

We work together to first define the project, prepare the samples that best suit your request and then carry out the paperwork to ensure we comply with European Union regulations for its sale.

Our experience in the sector as manufacturers of professional and consumer cosmetics gives us the ability to take action and adapt to all possible scenarios. Product options are endless and we make sure to stay up to date with regulations and offer stable formulas that successfully pass dermatological and efficacy tests.

Cosmetics at factory prices

As cosmetic makers, we can carry out two product development routes: the first is to generate the formula taking into account the intended objective or result of the cosmetic itself, and the second, to generate the formula taking into account the target price. In both cases, we present a proposal that we can adapt to your needs and assess the feasibility for both parties.

We will ensure you have all the details of the factory price of your personalized product so that you can carry out the necessary Marketing campaigns to position your cosmetic in the best way possible.

Looking for contract cosmetic manufacturers? Look no further than CarasaLab, where we specialize in personalized and tailor-made beauty products for third parties.

Bulk Cosmetics / Finished Product Manufacturers


Permanent/semi-permanent cream hair coloring, liquid hair coloring, eyebrow coloring…



Hair products

Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serum…

From 100L
To 1000L

From 5ml
To 10L

Facial and body creams

From 50L
To 1000L

From 5ml
To 10L

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