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Natural cosmetics suppliers

Having natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic options is essential in today’s cosmetic industry. Both for home skin care and professional products, organic products have become must-haves. As distributors of bioactive cosmetics, we strive to be fully eco-friendly, carrying out a control and selection of sustainable alternatives that begin with the first step, the raw materials. We prioritize ingredients of natural origin that combine sustainability and quality, without ever giving up on achieving an effective treatment for the skin and/or hair.

We are wholesalers of organic cosmetics aimed at the professional sector and mass market. Thanks to our long history, we have the capacity to manufacture high-quality natural and vegan formulas based on ingredients that take care of nature and animals. The option of customizing each of the features of creams and other natural cosmetics allows us to offer a comprehensive tailor-made service as suppliers.
In our role as suppliers of natural cosmetics, we are at the second stage of the supply chain, offering organic products to our distributors both with our own brands and with sustainable Private Label brands, in Spain and worldwide. Our natural cosmetics laboratory selects the best ingredients to create quality, toxin-free, vegan creams and other cosmetics with natural aromas, to meet all the needs of our customers who seek distribution of natural cosmetics.

Our Natural Cosmetic Products

Designed for people looking for a natural and sustainable beauty for their hair.
Shampoos, masks and conditioners with more than 98% ingredients of natural origin, without silicones, without waxes, without parabens…

We Manufacture Natural Dyes
Dyes without ammonia, without PPD, without resorcinol, without silicones… and with ingredients of natural origin and plant extracts.

Vegan, natural, ecological and organic products
Creams and skin care based on natural and vegan ingredients that take care of the skin and the environment.

Vegan cosmetics suppliers

In addition to distributors of cosmetics that care for the skin and hair, we are wholesalers of cosmetics that care for the environment and animals. After years of experience in the distribution of “traditional” cosmetics, the importance of introducing organic creams and natural cosmetics has become increasingly evident over time. We look after the entire development and distribution process, fully respecting sustainable alternatives without sacrificing quality. We are suppliers of cosmetics that are free from substances like parabens, silicones, synthetic thickeners, PEG, ethanolamines, dyes or mineral oils, replacing them with natural, vegetable and vegan ingredients that are look after the body.
As manufacturers and wholesalers, we have the option of distributing organic, sustainable and natural certified cosmetics tailored to our customers, to meet the requirements of international quality seals and the highest quality standards. We know the importance that these certifications are acquiring for a very important consumer sector and, for this reason, we have incorporated a laboratory technician who is an expert in formulating natural and effective cosmetics. We distribute sustainable cleansing and treatment products, and they stand out for being less damaging to our hair and skin, avoiding aggressive ingredients and drastic changes in the short term. The use of these natural cosmetics is associated with formulas that are kind to the skin’s natural barrier (microbiome) and achieve gradual improvements through consistent use.
Oftentimes, natural cosmetics distribution can be confusing. Despite selling it as such, not all brands and companies are committed to sustainability beyond ther words. Our commitment as distributors of natural cosmetics begins with the first step of selecting ingredients and ends with the last step, shipping, without losing sight of the close retationship we provide our customers during the development and distribution process.

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