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Facial creams lab

Skin care is currently the leading category in the cosmetics sector (followed by grooming and personal hygiene at 23.50%, hair care at 18.34% , perfumes at 17.46% and color cosmetics at 8.24%). and represents 32.47%* of all usage. We create a wide variety of laboratory creams for all kinds of brands globally. During all these years, we’ve used the experience gained in our laboratory to research human skin and the existing formulations in our portfolio, before using this knowledge to make continuous improvements and even higher quality. We feature different ranges of creams with a huge range of ingredients and extracts. As we boast our own skin creams lab, we are able to customize the entire production process, establishing the raw materials, formulations, standards, intended usage and packaging.
*Data from May 2022 from the report carried out by STANPA “X-ray of the cosmetics and perfumery sector in Spain 2021”

The best formulation for your facial care

We are clear that the final consumer seeks results by incorporating facial creams into their routine.


We are clear that the final consumer seeks results by incorporating facial creams into their routine. It doesn’t matter whether its hydrating, regulating sebum, reducing wrinkles or brightening the skin. As experts in research, innovation and formulations of laboratory creams, we start the development process taking into account the objective of each skin care cosmetic, before using this to select the best ingredients for that treatment. By specializing in B2B, we will always combine cosmetic factors with the essential needs around commercial solutions and general clients’ needs. Bearing this in mind, we always factor in quality-price when carrying out our lab processes. Safety, trust and quality are the pillars of everything we do in the lab when making our clients’ creams.

Texture is an essential factor in facial cosmetics


Texture is an essential factor in facial cosmetics. Innovation in facial skin cosmetics is not just about raw materials, but also includes texture or packaging. When creating a face cream in our facial creams lab, it is imperative to consider the experience that the end user will have when using that cream or serum for their eyes or other areas of the body. It is also important to remember that different cosmetics are sometimes combined in a single treatment, which can cause incompatible formulations if not managed carefully.
In the CarasaLab facial creams lab, we also include an additional factor in the formulation and the selection of raw materials and ingredients: the environment. Awareness about the environmental impact that we cause as a laboratory is part of the research process, and as experts, we look for sustainable alternatives to create effective and environmentally friendly creams.

Example of product testing in our lab

We test our products

The high level of trust and safety of Made in Spain cosmetics like ours is backed by passing the mandatory safety tests required to sell cosmetics in Europe and strict compliance with current regulations.

  •  Challenge Test: the efficacy of the preservatives used in the facial or cosmetic cream is evaluated as part of this test. The test is justified to ensure that the cream does not lose its properties or grow unwanted microorganisms over longer periods of time.
  • Patch tests: skin irritation test. In the case of facial cosmetics, it is important to ensure that it will not irritate the skin, especially in the case of eye creams.
  • Stability tests: we subject the cosmetic to heat stress conditions for three months. In this way, we can predict the theoretical lifespan of the product and assess the need to reinforce the preservatives or enhance its aromas, among other factors.
  • Compatibility Tests: the balance between the formula and the final packaging in which the product will be marketed is analyzed as part of this test. The goal is to ensure that the packaging does not compromise the quality of the product.
    There are many other optional tests, including effectiveness tests, that we can add depending on each client’s needs.

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