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Expert body care cosmetics lab

Our body care cosmetics lab expertly creates products ranging from general treatment options for all types of skin through to the most specific conditions: dry skin, care for stretch marks, irritated skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin, acne, dull skin and a huge range of other lab cream solutions… CarasaLab laboratory offers a huge range of body care options. We always prioritize our clients’ brand preferences (use of natural ingredients, perfumes, textures
) and adapt completely to their target audiences or USP (skin types by country and by age

We customize your body care cosmetics

Our lotion lab starts the formulation process by carefully analyzing the desired action or target of each product

Product action

Our lotion lab starts the formulation process by carefully analyzing the desired action or target of each product: this can include intensive hydration, exfoliation, tightening and antiaging, among a huge range of other treatments. We do this by selecting active ingredients (aloe vera, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, capsules containing active ingredients to improve absorption and penetration, probiotics, grapeseed oil, oat extract, olive oil, ginseng, retinol, niacinamide, AHA, BHA) and raw materials designed to work in perfect harmony with your product’s texture and packaging in order to create the perfect body lotion.

We strive to ensure that all of our formulas adapt to client specifications


The touch and feel of our body creams is another key factor in the success of our products. We strive to ensure that all of our formulas adapt to client specifications, with the goal of creating satisfied end customers. To achieve this goal, we follow client brand specifications to the letter and prioritize the product’s key functions and target audiences. The texture of our body cream lab products varies, depending on if the product is designed for day or nighttime use, if it is aimed at a younger or older audience or if we are seeking to achieve hypoallergenic formulas that are free from perfume, for example.

Example of product testing in our lab

Product testing

All products manufactured in Europe have to pass safety tests before they can go to market, and we ensure that all our products comply with current regulations:

  1.  Challenge Test: this test checks for the efficacy of the cosmetics preservative. This is fundamental for ensuring that body cream is correctly formulated, preventing the loss of properties over time or the proliferation of microorganisms.
  2. Patch Test: skin irritation test. This skin compatibility test outlines the potential irritation that could be caused by the cosmetic product. It is tested through a process involving 48 hours of occlusive application (patch method).
  3. Stability Test: the body cosmetic is subjected to heat stress conditions for three months. This ensures that we can predict the product’s general shelf life.
  4. Compatibility Test: measures interaction between the formula and the final product container, in order to ensure that the product is not damaged.
    We also offer a huge range of optional tests, such as the effectiveness tests, which can be added to the core tests depending on our clients’ projects and needs.

The best skin care formulas

We firmly believe that lab body creams should go far beyond simple moisturizing qualities. For this reason, our body lotion lab always focuses on adding value to our products based on our knowledge of their intended use. The extra features that we include in the creation of our body cream can really set products apart from the competition. For example, if we are designing a cream for post-exercise application, we choose fast-absorbing formulas. Meanwhile, if we are crafting a children’s shower gel, we add lavender perfume to help with relaxation and rituals to ensure a good night’s sleep…

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