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Hair cosmetics laboratory

Our laboratory has been working since 1925 on the research and development of innovative hair products. The CarasaLab technical team has been specializing based on experience and field work to become a reference laboratory for hair products.
Understanding the needs of the market and formulating quality products continue to be the priority of our Hair Cosmetics Laboratory.
We formulate everything from hygiene products and hair treatment to coloring and straightening treatments. The options and versions of each product are endless: sulfate-free shampoo, natural and organic hair cosmetics without parabens, without drying alcohols, without phthalates, without mineral oils, without waxes, vegan, with certifications such as Halal, Cosmos, Ecocert, Natrue… At the Hair Products Laboratory we are capable of formulating and developing all versions of the classic and innovative cosmetics dedicated to hair care.

We make your customizable hair products

We are a Laboratory specialized in the development of hair treatment and hygiene products. We carry out custom development for third-party brands taking into account the type of product that our clients need and the public they are targeting, both for large consumers and professional products for hairdressers. We offer a wide range of options in our library of formulas; all of them are subjected to physical, chemical and microbiological quality controls, as well as a raw material selection process where quality always stands out.
We are a Cruelty Free laboratory, we never test, nor will we, on animals. No exceptions.

Hair products laboratory

To ensure we include all the features needed to achieve healthy hair, in the CarasaLab laboratory we cover every part of the hair, from the scalp to the ends of the hair fiber. We treat damaged and weakened hair holistically, preventing its appearance and treating hair that has already been damaged. We also formulate cosmetics for dull hair without volume, which needs extra hydration and nutrition through natural or synthetic ingredients. Fill in the form and consult with us the formula that best suits your brand, we will advise you on the most innovative and formulations for tangled, dry and dull hair or to reinforce and stimulate hair growth, among a range of other treatments.

The best formulation for professional hair care

Hair Dye Lab

Coloring is a world linked to both the most mathematical precision and the most eccentric creativity. In the laboratory, pigment combinations are measured in order to create colors with the exact shade that make a personalized and unique coloration. The options to create any color are added to the options to create any dye format: cream, gel, oily dye, liquid
. In addition to all categories of dye: permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, direct coloring…

We formulate quality technical products for professionals.

Professional Hairdressing Products Lab

We formulate quality technical products for professionals. Lines of professional cosmetics designed to facilitate and optimize the results of the salons, creating high quality products, above all, but also keeping in mind the experience in use and the result.
The technical demand in the product development of these professional cosmetics is advanced, which is why the CarasaLab Laboratory strives to review formulas to improve them and discover new raw materials to apply to innovative formulas.

We have two options to create professional hairdressing brands: Product customization and label customization.

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